verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 08
1st half 2003

The problems with the lost data is almost resolved, nearly all addresses refound. This issue offers a versatile mixture as usual: In the »Sheep Gallery« we find worth knowing stuff about the Puszta sheep, Renate Maile-Moskowitz designs a felted ram horn mandala. We get to know the young felt artist Annette Quentin-Stoll and learn how sheep can act as therapists.

Table of Contents

  • Is felting fun?
  • I'd like to have a felt tent
  • 7th felters' gathering: Transcript of the 4th work group
  • Carpet transfer
  • 2nd International felt conference in Eastern Hungary
  • My felt credo
  • A felted ram horn mandala
  • »Creativity, work, spirituality, game«
  • »Sheep Gallery«: The Puszta Sheep
  • December 23rd, 2002
  • Stone pit
  • ia tupu i se fusi
  • Felt - Pictures of an exhibition
  • Portrait of Annette Quentin-Stoll
  • Sheep as therapists
  • »Sheep Gallery«: The Tyrol Stone Sheep
  • Soap, acid, clean water?


  • Prize for the Country Women's creativity
  • Company's portrait: Sheep wool processing in the studio Heiden
  • Felt-Art-Arena


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