verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 14
1st half 2006

We present the second part of our journey to Kyrgyztan, and portrait the artists Ulrike von Kutzleben and Ruth Bucci Baumer as well as the life of a »felt engineer«: Bruno Bujack from Düsseldorf, Germany. Focus of issue Nr. 14 is needle felting which is getting more and more popular since few years and which offers versatile creative possibilities.

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Table of Contents

  • Medieval fun
  • The sad blue marble
  • Living rich in stones
  • Silk – the legendary material
  • We were on the Neringa
  • Needle felting is…
  • Portraits of Constanze von Wildenrat and Adelheid Müller
  • Thank the felt needle!
  • Our town twinning's founders
  • A felt golem in Coburg
  • God's eye
  • Summer course »Dress objects«
  • Not a felt workshop like any other
  • Birgitte comes!
  • Church and art
  • Around 3000
  • Felt workshop in farmyard »Alte Schmiede«
  • Portrait of Bruno Bujack
  • Nature-children-felt
  • My felted summer hat
  • »10-hours-boots«
  • »The last garments«
  • Portrait of Ulrike von Kutzleben-
  • Felt weekend in Luxembourg
  • Portrait of Ruth Bucci Baumer
  • Felt roads
  • Outside shines…
  • Winterschule Ulten
  • Willkommen im »Wollgartl«
  • Kirgisien – Teil 2
  • Kasachstan


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