verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 19
Summer 2008

Filz also becomes popular in the world of fashion. Internationalyl recognized designers integrate felting techniques in their pieces of clothes respectively accessories that appear elaborate and exciting.
So you can find felt works on the catwalks in Paris or Milan by designer like Issey Miyake (Japan), Yoji Yamamoto (Japan), John Galliano (UK) and Vivienne Westwood (UK).
Fashion shows on Felters’ Gatherings like in Germany and South Tyrol or events like in Fulda (view article »Second Skin«) are always the highlight, are well attended and the feedback by a growung public is throughout positive. In the Internet you can find websites by textile artists with their own unique and worth seeing »signatures«. As we are very happy to present this issue focussing fashion with the textile artists Charity Musoma Van Der Meer, Felicitas Weitkämper, Sigrid Bannier and Marlies Pichotka.
A subject that concerns the Internet aficionadas is explained by Sara Lechner: »What actually is a blog?«

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Everything you have to know about that will be published in series in the next issues of the FUN.
Bruno Bujack deals with »photos onto felt« which is interesting and worth kowing for Felt enthusiastucs who love to experience and to improve their technique.


Table of Contents


  • Felt and metal − Experiences with the opposites
  • The »Second Skin«


  • Feltmaing in the Bolivian highlands
  • »Felted Spring« in the Pasinger Fabrik
  • »Felt fantasies made of local wool«
  • »Heavenly felt −
    fine, tender, light and filmy«


  • »The element felt«
  • »Amazing!« − Textile experiments
  • »Coasts far away«


  • Charity Musoma van der Meer
  • Sigrid Bannier
  • Felicitas Weitkämper


  • Innovative Internet − Workshop on the Web
  • Felting machines?!


  • Photos onto felt
  • Small bags made of felt samples

Blogging − net marketing

  • Part 1: What actually is a blog?


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