verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 22
Spring 2009

FUN now on 60 pages! Look forward to the portrait of the genious Jorie Johnson, Heike Reul’s gorgeous robes, Dagmar Binders authentic works, Ewa Kuniczak’s colourful objects and Birgit Nurtsch’s proposals how to become an Aphrodite! We make a visit at the studio »FaserArt« and a carding factory. Felting as therapy, selling at Etsy’s, inspirations to design scarves and surfaces as well as reviews and our timetable complete the program. The year 2009 offers a lot: Our mystery game is called »The masters’ yarn traces« and we are going to continue it in the next issues.

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Table of Contents


  • From felt myths to felt modernity
  • Fit for felt
  • Motley, soft and warm


  • Osmanic felt blankets and carpets
  • Custom-made felt


  • Foot skirt, shoulder glasses and ear scarf


  • »Fibre to fibre«
  • Art and artisanry 2008
  • A visit in the Walinki museum in Moscow
  • Cave art and felt
  • Lively felt scene in New Zealand


  • Felt is a minor point here
  • Additional stimulations · Heike Reul
  • Nomads and nature impressions
  • At the other end of the silk road
  • Painting with fibres
  • »Every woman can be
    an Aphrodite!«
  • Hidden treasures

Felting in the therapy

  • »Felting has a special effect on me«
  • Art and therapy

Blogging − net marketing

  • Seduced to blog
  • Teil 4: What is Etsy?


  • Kimberley Dreaming
  • Big snuggly felted scarves

New books

  • Dyeing wool and silk like pros


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