verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 34
Spring 2012

As always, we introduce felt artists who are as great as they are innovative: Irit Dulman, for instance, has a lot of fellow enthusiasts concerning plant dyes. She perfects the astounding colour variety offered by the leaves of different species of the Eucalyptus tree with an unique printing technique, the result of which is astounding, as you will see for yourself. Monika Pioch cares a lot for cats, and so has created highly professional cats’ »dens«. Apart from the fact that the pets love to play in them, they attract the eye as an unusual interior accessory. The portrait of the internationally renowned textile designer Margo Duke deals with “mixed media”. Duke uses both mechanical and manual processes when
felting, here represented by the »Embellisher« and traditional wet felting. Her objects are then embroidered, again either by hand or by machine. We are more than pleased that she gave valuable instructions exclusively for the FUN readers: You will be shown how a »Jungle Butterfly Wrap« is made with the help of the Embellisher and by means of wet felting.
Extraordinary figures and beautiful jewelry, on the finishing touches of which she devotes endless hours, are the work of artist Daiva Gurparakiene. (By merely looking at the photos you will immediately see why her artwork must be rather time-consuming). Another subject of our »Advanced Education« section in this issue bears the familiar name of Claudia U. Gemein. She is a highly respected felt artist and offers exciting expertise during her lectures and workshops. In the current issue we report on two of them, a carpet felting course and one

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called »Felting Rough Edges«. Our »Advanced Education« section also introduces the »Hawar« company from the Netherlands, who process wool and silk. Aditionally, we are very pleased to be able to acquaint you with two fascinating fashion labels. »GoBanana« produce tailor-made, thrilling corsetry, and the “Grotkop Collection” combines hitherto incompatible techniques: felting and silk-screen printing. How exactly »GoBanana« go about to make not only womens’ hearts leap, and how »Grotkop Collection« developped their unique techniques you can read here. We are pleased to inform you, as usual, about various exhibition highlights, felting events and interesting literature.
Last but not least, our calendar of events brings the spring issue 2012 successfully to a round figure.


Table of Contents


  • Old Hat and New Easy Chair
  • ETN-Conference in Litauen
  • Pojagi
  • Felters Meeting


  • Felt-Cubes – Edged constructions/li>
  • Outsmart the creative block


  • Felted Dreams, Paris
  • ARTinPULSE, Coburg

Artists˚ Portraits

  • Irit Dulman
  • Margo Duke
  • Daiva Gutparakiene
  • Monika Pioch
  • GoBanana

Advanced Education

  • Intensive Advanced Training
  • Textile Art-School


  • Grotkop Collection


  • »Jungle Butterfly Wrap«


  • Flora und Fauna
  • Books reviews
  • Preview: Events
  • Upcoming Courses


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