Feels like summer!

We are very proud to be able to announce the brand new summer issue of the FUN which will be published on June, 5 2012. You can already pre-order in our web shop and you´ll receive the new FUN directly after the publication.
The new issue is filled with new, rich topics and a colorful look that suits the summer feeling.
There are many reports of the 17th German speaking Felters Meeting. Summerlike topics e.g. the combination of gold and felt, clever backpacks, good felted shoes, decorative blossoms or power belts. There are also reports about wonderful exhibitions that also show versatile techniques with wool, cloth or thread.
Highlights of design and quality are brought to you with portraits about great artists. The summerly theme of the cover meanders through the whole issue.
The category further education shows that felt making can be the relaxing part between school lessons, but also felt making can be embellished with embroidery or it can be the main part of someones recognized occupation with the vocational training as a textile designer with the specialization in felt making.
We are very proud to tell you that the new FUN contains an exclusive instruction manual by Lene Nielsen, who is a pioneer among felt makers.
The content is here available, we are looking forward to take a fascinating felting journey to Africa with you and also introduce you to the label »anmage«.

Edition Eins
Gallery book postcards, Ed. 1
We are curious what creative tools you use regularly for your work that enrich your working process. We started an alternative buyers guide and we would like to nourish it with tips from our readers. Be inspired by the tools we introduce to you within this issue of the FUN and let us know all the tools and supplements you found at chemists, toy stores or hardware stores. Send an email with your tips to tipp@filzfun.de.
For our next issue of the FUN in autumn 2012 we would like to start a gallery with pictures of creations by our readers.
You are planning to felt a lot during the summer? Then play your creations to the gallery and send us pictures to lesergalerie@filzfun.de.
Enjoy the summer! If the sun and your soapy water are getting too hot, we suggest the shade and some needle felting.


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