New Books for Sewing

Cover Techniken und Projekte mit plastischen Stofeffekten

Alison J. Reid
Nähen in der dritten Dimension
144 S. · Hauptverlag
24,90 € · Order

Vividly Fabric Effects
Everybody among us who has basic knowledge of sewing will find more than 50 design ideas in this book. You will learn how to experiment with a diversity of techniques and diverse fabrics and yarn. That way you will be able to create your very own objects for your home. This book is opening up some challenges for you to create wonderful textile interior designs.

Dekoprojekte für zu Hause rund ums Jahr


126 S. · Knaur Verlag
16,99 € · Order

Decoration throughout the Year
This book is divided into the themes of the seasons and offers a whole range or colorful sewed objects that are very cute. Very good instructions lead you through the making process and you will get lots of inspirations and ideas that will give your home a special touch with decorations.

Kreative Kleider, Taschen, Wohnaccessoires

Einfach selber nähen
224 S. · DK-Verlag
19,95 € · Order

Creative Sewing Workshop
Are you looking for a sewing book suitable for beginners? We have found something that is just right for you: This book explains everything to you that you wanted to learn, starting from a straight seam or ideas for appliqués onto how to sew a zipper into a finished object. Every instructions is underlined with text and pictures that are of great help. You will also learn how to measure and cut the right way. Practice makes perfect! We are sure you are going to have lots of fun and perfect experiences with this book!

Ideen und Anleitungen für kleine und große Projekte, Mit Vorlagenbogen

Fantasievolle Quilts
214 S. · DK-Verlag
16,95 € · Order

Small Quilts and Big Quilts
Wintertime is a great time to start big sewing projects that come with a great package of fun and joy. Quilts are a great avocation be they small for a couch or as a wall hanging or huge for a bed as a bedcover. The author chose very fine colors and patterns and offers you lots of ideas. Great instructions and models offer beginners and experts a certainty of successful quilts. This book is very multifarious and it is a must have for every quilters studio!

Schnitte und Anleitungen für Mädchen- und Jungenkleidung

für Kinder

144 S. · Hauptverlag
29,90 € · Order

Clothes for Boys and Girls
The authors are the owners of the well known Studio Tantrum and Farbenmix. They produce designs and cuts for children clothing. Creativity, correct fit and happiness are guaranteed in this book. Everyone who would like to sew clothes for kids is going to find ideas and instructions in this great book. We are sure that your kids are going to want quite a few of the suggested clothes in this book if they happen to see some of the designs!


8 Grundschnitte für 25 Kleidungsstücke

Nähen im
japanischen Stil

128 S. · Haupt
24,90 €

Clothes with Japanese Flair
Do you agree that the most comfy clothes are the ones we wear the most? Be able to create out of 8 basic cuts 25 models ranging from tops, dresses, skirts to blouses. Any size is possible to work on and the instructions make it very easy to follow the necessary steps. Enrich your wardrobe with these Japanese-like clothes that are not only suitable for Sundays at home but also for a nice evening out.

Die Verarbeitungstechniken Schritt für Schritt


160 S. · Haupt
29,90 €

Professional Manufacture Techniques
This book is a highlight for all of you that would like to learn more about sewing techniques and detail accuracy. The ring binding makes the book very handy. That way you can position it right next to your sewing machine and follow the step by step instructions easily. This book is filled with extraordinary basic knowledge.

Patchwork- und Nähprojekte mit Gute-Laune-Garantie

Patch happy!
78 S.
14,99 €

Guarantee for a Good Mood
Start sewing with great fun and easiness. Table runners, bags for your laptop or your mobile phone, bolsters and egg warmers to name just a few creations with great vitality. These textile treasures are going to bring you lots of joy during the making and afterwards!

genäht und gepatcht

Mug Rugs
62 S.
14,99 €

Textile Coasters
The newest perfect place for your cup is a textile coaster. These textile carpets for your cup or your glassware are actually collector´s objects. Christa Rolf has asked some artists to send her special designs for these coasters and we love what those artists created! Every technique is well explained and you will be able to try them for yourself. It is only a matter of time when you will be starting to make your very own textile coasters for your cups!

20 bezaubernde Nähideen

at its best

94 S. · OZ
16,99 €

British Design
The authors show you gifts and handmade treasures in British style in this book. They offer you a great range of objects that are doable by beginners and experts. We like the diversity of creative objects in this book and we also love the benign touch of the content. You will be offered great inspirations for gifts for these special friends in your life and you will not only love making those gifts you will also adore them when they are finished!


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