verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 40
Autumn 2013

In this autumn issue of the FUN we have many creative techniques of felt and textile design for you. On the cover you can find child memories, that have been transferred into felt by the Russian artist Irina Andreeva. She masters to express emotions in detailed felt art and revive felt figures. On the backside of the magazine you find Irina Levkovich, who is wearing a rose dress from her lovely collection.
Individuality can play a big role in a community project like the art trail at the Naturpark Bergisches Land. One could observe beautiful art while having a nice walk along the art trail. Another community project that we report of is Filzfieber (engl.: felting fever). Each participant works on their own piece but in the end one big harmonic community piece evolves.
A great art work has been put together by the group around »woodland boudoir«. You can read all about this installation and have a look at gorgeous pictures in our report about the art work at the Wasserturm in Dachau.
When Suzanne Fleischmann and her husband decided to have some of their own sheep, her own work actually had even more value to it. In our rubric sheep she talks about her experiences in keeping a flock of sheep, and in our artist portrait Suzanne shows different techniques in making hats and accessories. Diane Lemire loves wool too. She uses silk and nature fibers to express her art.
Barbara Schmidt’s signature is expressed in tattoo art of felt and weaving. With carpets and sculptures she gives insight into her work. Another artist portrait is about Torill Haugsvær Wilberg. She came from architecture to felt making. Wearable felt art is getting developed in the house in her mind, and we do not want our readers to miss out on her amazing pieces.

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What would felt making be like without the perfect soap? Our rubric of tips and tricks includes a variety of soaps and how you as a felt maker can find the perfect soap for your hands and working processes.
Elvira Altdorf inspires you to pleat your felt work. Another interesting way of surface design, with the use of silk hankies, is introduced to you by Nancy Ballesteros.
The upcycling project »Wiederkäuer« by Helene Oldenburger makes fantastic clothes out of used shirts for example. Also you get to read about the fashion-art-project »rag*treasure« by Steffi Müller in our rubric sustainability. Steffi deals with fashionable upcycling content in a playful way.
We introduce the lovely book »Kökboya« by the married couple Böhmer to you, which includes a great range of information on dyeing with natural colors. You can order this great book in our FUN shop from now on. Beate Bossert also has a great book on the market with her personal felting path.


Table of Contents


  • Dancing until the Felting


  • Jeanette Appleton


  • Textile Art Trail
  • Book and Letter
  • Woodland Boudouir

Readers Gallery

  • Work of our Readers


  • Torill Haugsvær Wilberg
  • Irina Andreeva
  • Barbara Schmidt
  • Suzanne Fleischmann
  • Iryna Levkovich
  • Diane Lemire

Tips and Tricks

  • Soap


  • Adventure Sheep


  • Felt Squares in Domino Style


  • Steffi Müller
  • Helena Oldenburger


  • Silk Hankies
  • The Pleating


  • New Books
  • Forecast


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