Ich nehme einen Faden … | Gerlinde Merl

144 Pages · Hardcover

Going for a walk with a thread – the Gallery Book by textile artist Gerlinde Merl invites the readers to a diversified walk through her versatile art creations. She also provides all textile lovers with great instruction manuals that inspire to get into a creative spirit.
»I transfer colors into surface design, and my imaginations as well as my dreams into pictures«, says Gerlinde about her textile creations. Her work is characterized by rich coloring of self-dyed fabrics and unique surface structures.

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The gallery book does not only include a great gallery of the artist´s creations but also step by step instructions, that lead the readers to make their own creations with those great surfaces and structures. You will get a new perspective on tools and supplies in your houses. Gerlinde shows how you can use them for the »package technique« that makes great tridimensional structures into textiles. And you will get to know that a »spike tube« is not a marine animal …



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