filzfun: Issue 44
autumn 2014

We start with a new title of the magazine into the autumn time: Our magazine is known as the «filzfun» for a long time now. Reason enough to change the title and the appearance of the cover. The content has not changed, like usual we offer a colorful variety of exciting encounters and inspiring ideas of the ever astonishing and creative felters world.
The cover represents a felted ensemble made by felt artist Gladys Paulus. Gladys has caused for some attention with her animal masks, she deals with the topic humans in society within her creations and she wants to remind with the masks that they represent an important communication medium in many cultures.
In a very different way the veterinarian Miriam Stark has focused on the topic «animals». She never approved of padded hunter’s trophies. Instead she felts anatomical correct animal heads that should be used as wall decorations and should decrease the number of animals that are being hunted for trophy reasons.
Half animal, half human: The felted sculptures by Stefanie Ehrenfried picture creatures that look strange and weirdly familiar at the same time. The artist manages to display the personhood in her creations impressively; she incorporates the mysteriousness of our mundane existence.
The Dutch textile artist Katrien Perquy loves the healing qualities of wool. She draws lots of energy from nature and tries to uncover the hidden powers of her objects. She likes to combine self-dyed wool with natural materials or self-made bobbin lace.
The Canadian Fiona Duthie is a true whirlwind when it comes to felt art. When she turned 18 years old she opened her first shop and today she stands with both feet firmly in the felt world. Not only is she the curator of felt::feutre, she curates and equips exhibitions, develops online-workshops and makes impressive felt clothes with surprising surface designs.

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Sarah-Maria Lackner lives and works in Australia. She learned how to felt with video instructions. Sarah-Maria has a successful Etsy-Shop. Mythical creatures and the wilderness inspire her individual unique designs, those have many enthusiasts.
Today it becomes easier to find sustainable fashion: More and more fashion designers are setting an example against the fast moving trends. Like Julia Starp, who implements Green Glamour into the fashion world.
Four big events offer insights into the vibrant felters and textile world: The felters meeting in Hohebuch, the IFA-Conference in Swizzerland, Feltrosa in Brixen, and the Textile Art in Berlin. The workshop reports are already in an autumn-like mood: Warm tops and wearable felt-boots can be gazed at.
Birgit Holzner has developed a coaching project for school classes in Austria. The project supports the personality development of teens.
István Vidák set out on the trail of the traditional Kurdish felt vest in Iran. He describes his visit at a felting studio of a native master.
Fiona Duthie provided an instruction for felt craters exclusively to our FUN readers. After all the reading you’ll probably be inspired to work on this exciting surface technique.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Felt meets a Puppet Show
  • Feltrosa 2014
  • Textile Art Berlin
  • International Felt Conference
  • IFA in Switzerland


  • En route with Felt
  • Black Sheep


  • Show Your Shoes!
  • Felting like Being in Paradise

Readers Gallery

  • Autumn Treasuries

Artists’ Portraits

  • Katrien Perquy
  • Stefanie Ehrenfried
  • Fiona Duthie
  • Sarah-Maria Lackner
  • Gladys Paulus
  • StarkeBeest


  • Felting for Your Personality
    Felt Art Path


  • Julia Starp

Journey of Felt

  • Ferendji _ Tracing the Kurdish Felt Vest


  • Felt Craters – an Exciting Surface Design Technique


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