filzfun: Issue 46
spring 2015

The Spring issue 2015 offers a broad insight into the colorful and diversified world of feltmaking. The cover is graced by an absolute eye-catcher: a headpiece by felt artist Jessica de Haas. Jessica has been intrigued by body decoration and ornamentation in other cultures and she implements those inspirations in her label “Funk Shui” of bold and fashionable felt accessories.
Hella Boos works in a smaller dimension. Her sketch-like felt miniatures that combine collage techniques and mixed media techniques prove that one does not have to live without creative expressions in old age.
In Berta Knab’s studio she creates wall hangings, hats, and shawls, as well as abstract objects and extraordinary creations. The trained hand weaver came over a detour to feltmaking and is fascinated by the freedom and the unique form language of wool as a material.
Pam de Groot is from Australia, but she also has many fans in Europe. Her wonderful felt objects reflect her liking of forms and colors. Pam finds her inspiration in nature, often just in front of her house.
The sculpture training of Stephanie Metz, who lives in Silicon Valley, can be seen in her needle felt works. Stephanie likes to explore contradictions, the amorphous animal shapes, teddy skulls, and bone relicts, have caused a sensation many times at exhibitions.
In an idyllic place in Switzerland, Maya and Walter Stenz had their dream come true with «Centro Arte»: A workshop center close to nature with an inspiring atmosphere for creative encounters.
In an obituary we commemorate Mary E. Burkett, she was the impulse generator for the re-discovery of felt. She will be remembered as the «Mother of Felt» for many of us.
What would spring like without flowers! Beatrice Oettinger connects plant materials to blossoming dresses and the Canadian Nicole Dextras wants to sharpen our consciousness for sustainable behavior with her dresses made entirely out of flowers, leaves and branches.
Sustainability plays a huge part in the fashion industry currently. New thought-provoking impulses are being made by Art School ESMOD in Berlin.

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Our review of highlights in the previous months covers four exciting events: An impressive exhibition with creations by Inge Evers was held in the Netherlands and the joint mermaid project initiated by textile artist Yulia Badian caused a sensation at the Knitting- and Stitching Show in England and in Ireland. The International Felt Art Festival took place in Saint Petersburg and the tim in Augsburg hosted high-quality creations of felts and textiles.
Our workshop report cover two workshops with great results: Lyda Rump showed the fascinating variety of surface techniques and Gladys Paulus created individual bird masks with her students.
Jeanette Sendler did not want to leave after her weeklong «Fiber-Art-in-Residence» program; she just fell in love with the place. The participants of the Kyrgyz textile journey, who brought very special memories back home with them, also visited special places.
If you would like to get straight to work after reading so many inspiring reports and articles you can get started with the bird jewel case right away. It is a unique instruction by fiber tamer and felt artist Corinna Nitschmann.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Mary E. Burkett


  • First Class Handicraft and Textile Art
  • The Mermaid-Project
  • Russian Felt Impressions


  • Fascinated by Fibers


  • Lyda Rump
  • Gladys Paulus

Readers Gallery

  • Spring Festival

Artist’s Portraits

  • Jessica de Haas
  • Hella Boos
  • Berta Knab
  • Pam de Groot
  • Stephanie Metz
  • Centro Arte



  • Meet the Artist – Jeanette Sendler
  • The Beauty of Transience


  • Master Program «Sustainability in Fashion»


  • Waltraud Münzhuber
  • Nicole Dextras

Journey of Felt

  • Kyrgyz Impressions


  • A Bird with A Content


  • Festival of Felt Berlin 2015


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