filzfun: Issue 47
summer 2015

The summer issue of the filzfun is filled with many beautiful, extraordinary and fascinating things of the world of felt making. Accompany us on a walk through studios of unbelievable creative felt artists, look forward to exhibitions worth seeing, and read about exciting workshops and classes.
A colorful felt object by the Swiss artist Violette Amendola that one can also wear as a bracelet is on the cover of the magazine. Structures play a big role in Violette’s creations, she gets inspired by fruit and seed capsules. To her felting is an attempt to give thoughts and life topics a shape and form with wool.
Jeanette Sendler wows us over and over again with her unconventional and imaginative hat creations. Models of her Scottish home inspire her, like the typical blue bonnet and the Scottish shape and color palette.
Tiara Mana’s dresses look like they have caught the easiness and freshness of summer. She does not follow the fashion trends, but her inner inspiration. It is her aim to help women find their inner and outer beauty.
Wearable art is also made by Jenny Hill, she is American and a self-taught artist. She started felt making only three years ago but nevertheless her unique show her capricious and esthetic signature. Her creations reflect optimism and the passion that Jenny has for her work.
Headstrong and punchy – that is how one could describe the felt art by Claudy Jongstra. She has specialized in textile installations and textile wall designs and she works with well-respected architecture firms worldwide. She likes to design humane rooms with the beauty of former textile materials.
Looking at esthetic and human criteria is not common in the fashion industry yet. The successful label “Rita in Palma” from Berlin sets new standards and causes for sensation with its vanguard crochet couture. Muslim women, who learned the old cultural techniques in their home countries, crochet for the label – the label focuses on integration and intercultural exchange within its work.
Fashion designer Johanna Riplinger thinks that fashion is only worth wearing if it is stylish, high in quality and sustainable.

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She focuses on a regardful and sustainable handling of the resources of nature when it comes to producing her clothes. Most of her clothes are being produced in small companies in India and are being dyed with plant dye.
We also report about the New-Zealand WOW Show where every year the most amazing costumes are presented. Two felt exhibitions from Paris and Plauen are also in this filzfun and exiting news from two different workshops. At the studio Faserkunst Gudrun Bartenberg-Geyer taught her esthetic principle of Wabi-Sabi. Participants at Gabrielle Mazaracis’ workshop had a lot of fun with armadillos, hot-blooded rabbits and other animalistic companions. They felted funny and playful animals.
Constanze Habringer-Krög realized at the beginning of her experiments, that felt and rust do not work well together. But by now she has found an interesting way to combine the dissimilar two into wonderful rust dyed clothes and accessories.
In Ratisbon, Caro Lanzendörfer runs a school for textile art and art of healing. She offers various vocational trainings like the creative therapy Lanzendörfer. It is her aim to walk one’s life strengthened by one’s own experiences.
One can also walk, barefoot preferably, on the carpet made out of clipped sheepskin. Try to make your own carpet with the instruction by Anja Schrik , the author of the book “Öko-Filz”.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Mary E. Burkett


  • Wearable Art – WOW-Show


  • Wondrous Felt World
  • Chris Wardezki


  • Wabi-Sabi with Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer
  • Funny Animals with Gabriele Mazaracis>

Readers Gallery

  • Summer Delight

Artist’s Portraits

  • Jeanette Sendler
  • Tiara Mana
  • Violette Amendola
  • Jenny Hill
  • Claudy Jongstra



  • Seehawer & Siebert
  • Rita in Palma


  • The Charm of Rusting


  • The Red Thread


  • Green Luxury – Johanna Riplinger


  • West-Eastern Encounter in Berlin


  • Little Big French Sheep


  • Carpet from Clipped Fur

Point of View

  • The Felting Craft at the CREATIVA


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