filzfun: Issue 65 winter 2019/2020

Gingerbread, butter or black-and-white cookies – all guaranteed without calories and expiration date: The artist Inga Dünkelberg-Niemann from Düsseldorf opened such a wondrous „bakery” with her students, who enjoyed the pre-festive felting hours enormously. Those who wish to join in can find many practical hints and advice in the filzfun winter issue.
Also the bewitching felt mice in Beate Felten-Leidel’s picturesque miniature town are busy preparing for the feast. Cheddar, Mozzarella, Nocturne and a dozen other, equally cute rodents decorate their cozy houses made of cardboard or plywood, put up tiny mangers and enjoy the yummy cakes of the local café »Cherry on top«. Beate Felten-Leidel tells us about her passion for these felted mice, which she either makes herself or buys from artists from all over the world. Look at the fairy tale-like, tiny surroundings she has made for them!
Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale »The Snow Queen« was the inspiration for the extravagant bridal attire that Inger Mortensen felted for her daughter Sara. We show photos from this enchanted wedding in the Norwegian winter wonderland.
»Faces of the Soul« Sandra Struck-Germann calls her expressive felted portraits in black-and-white or stunning colors for which she has invented a special wet-felting technique of painting with wool. We introduce this artist and show some of her unique images. We are pleased to report on her second passion as well: felted puppets. For all who would like to gather first experiences in this field or want to felt with children, Sandra Struck-Germann gives a step-by-step instruction for making a plain ball puppet with three strings.
Karen Betty Tobias likes to use felt as a basic material for her textile art objects because it can be structured relief-like by certain embroidery stitches. In this issue you will find a cross-section of her works. In Germany, Austria and France some important exhibits In Germany, Austria and France some important exhibits

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demonstrated the manifold possibilities of feltmaking and textile art: Roughly three dozen just graduated felt designers presented the final pieces of their »Fit in Filz« training at the Filzschule Oberrot during the traditional summer celebration – from garments and aesthetic objects for daily use to remarkable works of art. In the filzfun winter we offer a choice for you to admire.
The combination of wool and paper in all its facets was explored by many artists for the CraftArtFusion Project of the Austria art collective wollmodus . The results of this exciting tender were shown in Vienna and Perchtoldsdorf.
Maria Friese, an internationally renowned felt artist, is changing her center of gravity away from her own artistic work to offering therapy and coaching. In a big work show in Musée du feutre she walked the memory lane of the last twelve creative years.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Textile Art Berlin: Thousand Expressions


  • Felt in All its Diversity
  • Vortex and Change
  • The Call of Wool and Paper

Workshops and Education

  • A Felting Oasis Celebrates
  • Strongfelt in Europe

Artists’ Portraits

  • Sandra Struck-Germann: Faces of the Soul
  • Tutorial: Simple Ball Puppet
  • Inger Mortensen: A Wedding Dress for the Snow Queen
  • Gabriele Hoffmann: With Feltmaking to a New Zest for Life
  • Karen Betty Tobias: Art Gives Wings


  • A Tree Full of Eyes
  • Inclusion at the Felting Table
  • Christmas Feltmaking
  • A Coveted Paradise for Creative People
  • In the Miniature World of Cheddar & Mozzarella

Sheep & Wool

  • Ouessant – Small Breton Sheep


  • A Bag with Integrated Handles

Felting History

  • Ketscha ve Japandji – Traditional Felt Items from Azerbaijan


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