Dear filzfun-Readers, today it is up to you, to help us make the filzfun more attractive, more exciting and more informative, by letting us know your opinion. As a thank you for filling out this questionnaire and sending it back to us via facsimile, mail or entering it online (, we will raffle 20 ball sprinklers amongst all participants. We look forward to your answers!

Reader Survey 2016

Age and Gender
Ageunder 3535 to 5051 to 65over 65
Do other people, beside yourself, read your issue of the “filzfun” too?
Other readersnoone other person, beside myselftwo other people, beside myselfbeside myself, x other people.
Number of other readers
How would you describe yourself?
CharacteristicsFelt artistyesno
Workshop conductor/ lectureryesno
Ambitious hobby felteryesno
Now and then I feltyesno
I don’t work with felt, but I have an interest in ityesno
If you felt: How often do you felt?
Frequencyat least 1 time per weekat least 1 time per monthonly now and thenonly at courses/classes
Which felt techniques do you use?
felt techniquesWet feltingyesno
Needle felting /dry feltingyesno
Knitted felt / crocheted feltyesno
Special techniques like Nuno felting, Plaice technique, or othersyesno
What projects do you felt?
felt projectsClothes / garmentsyesno
Decoration and objects of utility (e.g. bowls)yesno
Figures / Animalsyesno
Since when are you interested in felt?
Since whenas of latefor at least two yearsfor five yearsfor more than five years

Questions about “filzfun”

Please evaluate the following statements to "filzfun" (from 1 - agree to 4 - disagree)
The content is interesting to me1234
The topics are coherent1234
The professional quality of the articles is good1234
The design is appealing1234
The magazine inspires me1234
The cover page of the “filzfun” is appealing to me1234
The mixture of topics is felicitous1234
The frequency of publishing is suitable1234
The scope of the “filzfun” is good1234
The appearance (format, paper quality, ...) of the “filzfun” is appealing to me1234
All in all I like the “filzfun”1234
What topics are your request?
Topic RequestsPortraits of felt artistsyesno
Felting techniquesyesno
Readers Galleryyesno
Event announcements for exhibitions and workshopsyesno
Reports on materials, fabrics, wool, and moreyesno
Reports about other textile techniquesyesno
Book Reviewsyesno
Other topic requestyesno
Other topic request:
I would like additional special issues about
Special IssuesInstructionsyesno
Specialist Topicsyesno
Other topic Requestsyesno
Topic Requests:
Do you use our online platforms? (1 - Frequent to 4 - Never)
I use the website of the “filzfun”1234
I read the newsletter of the “filzfun”1234
I use the facebook page of the “filzfun”1234
What other sources do you use to be informed about felting (beside the “filzfun”)?
information sourcesWorkshopsyesno
Work Groups, Networksyesno
Trade Fairs, e.g. ...yesno
Trade Fairs:
Other media (magazines, online), like ...yesno
Other media:

Some questions how you came across the “filzfun”:

Since when do you read the “filzfun”?
Reader since when?0 – 0,5 years1 year3 years5 or more years
How do you receive the “filzfun”?
How receive?I am a subscriber to the magazineI buy the “filzfun” at the kiosk
How did you take note of the “filzfun”?
Take note byFriend / Acquaintanceyesno
Would you recommend the “filzfun” to others?
Recommendation?yesI don’t knowno
Where do you get your materials for felting from?
MaterialWorkshop Lecturersyesno
Specialist Shopyesno
Room for compliments, criticism, ideas, or topic requests:
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First Name
Area Code, Place
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Please be aware, that only fully filled out forms can be entered into the lottery. Of course you can also fill out the form anonymously. We only use your contact details for the lottery.

Deadline for entries is 31 July 2016th.