verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 02
1st half 2000

»A frequent asked question is: ›Why is the Fuz not more voluminous?‹ It simple as that: Because you didn’t send us more texts!« That’s the winking message in Nr. 2nd’s editorial.
Problems like these are far away from us today – quite the contrary, we can’t place everything in the magazine we’d like to put inside…
But all beginnings are difficult and to create a new magazine means some handicaps: A misprinted account number, lots of costs for the printing and masses of work. But the positive feedback makes up all the problems and labours!

Table of Contents

  • Life patterns -
    Nomads, Shirdak, nature protections
    in Kyrgyzstan
  • Felt – perspectives of the artist
  • Stone ghost and feather bird
  • Attraction felt
  • Presented: »Wollwerkstatt« from
    Sonja Fritz
  • Felt symposium Finland
  • 8th Felt art week in Hohebuch
  • Journey with wool
  • We would truly wash wool ...


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