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Are you looking for a suitable book present? We browsed through all the new releases and found quite a few very fine books that offer new inspiration for a friend or yourself. Inspiration to work with wool or textile materials but also creative ideas for the winter months are presented. Have a look at the variety of books that we have found!

Books for Textile Lovers


Häkeln im Quadrat
96 P. · Knaur Verlag
14,99 € · Order

Cushions, blankets and Others
Do you remember the »Granny Squares« of the Seventies? We have lots of memories of cushions and blankets with lovely crochet squares. Even today these patterns are still in vogue. Its a craft that you can easily take with you on a trip and it is a great possibility to combine woolen leftovers. It´s fun to create a blanket step by step. And there are patterns for beginners and experts. Which one do you prefer?

Ellen Bakker - Textillebt!

Textil is alive!
190 S. · Textiellink
29,50 € · Order

A must have of the textile scene
Ellen Bakker has already published a great book »Felting is for me…« that everyone should have in its bookshelf. With the book »Textil lebt« you will already see by only browsing through the pages that the variety of textile designs is mind blowing. On 190 pages the author collected facts about textile, where and how do textiles “live”. The book is available in German, Dutch and English. You can dive in creativities of 250 artists and designers that are displayed with about 1500 pictures. Movie

Laura Zukaite

Accessoires Deluxe
136 S. · OZ-Verlag
19,99 € · Order

Exquisite Knitted Designs
It is unimaginable to do without fashion accessories like bags, stole, mittens or belts these days. The designs of the artist of this book stand out from the general productions. She creates modern but also ageless objects. Her models turn into luxury goods that one can use day or night, casual in the morning, trendy throughout the day, chic in the evening or glamourous during the night. You will be able to link beautiful moments with wearing these jewels.


RESTlos glücklich
180 S. · Self Published
21,00 € · Order

Ideas for Fiber Lovers
Are you one of the collectors of woolen leftovers and you don´t know what to do with it? Open up your treasure chests and choose from the ideas of the authors. That way you can create accessories for clothes and furniture, jewelry, toys and more. You can turn your passion for collecting wool and leftovers into something new.

14 Japanische Strickdesigner

14 Strickdesigner
heißt Stricken

96 S. · Knaur Verlag
16,99 € · Order

Japanese Knitting Designs
Collars, patterns or cuts, here you´ll find japanese flair! Enjoy pullovers, tank tops, cardigans, cuffs and more with extraordinary forms and materials. Very good instructions help you make special designs, that will earn you lots of admirers.

Laura Zander

Knit Red
130 S. · sixandspring
15,30 € · Order

Knitting for the Heart
Laura Zander has a special treat for you: Knitting is an affair of the heart to her. That is why the color red is prevalent in her book. All contributors to the book dedicated their creations of clothes and accessories to the campaign for healthy hearts of women. International knitting artists show their unique designs and open up their very own view on the topic. Our favorite is the tunic by Daniela Johannsenova who is famous for the publications of her own designs and her lovely shop in Cologne, Germany, where knitting meetings are an insider´s tip already! Try to warm your heart with this beautiful book!

Helga Isager

Retro Stricken
96 S. · Landwirt.
17,95 € · Order

Fashion Classics of the 20th Century
The author interprets the most formative stylistic features of each decade personally. New and ageless models did evolve from this input. Helga Isager invites the readers to try to copy a whole range of different knitting techniques. Knit yourself a soul warmer that looks like from the early 19th century or a pullover that is close to the fashion of the Nineties. This book will bring you lots of joy and the speciality of the book is a knitting school in the back that will answer all of your questions.

Tine Solheim

158 S. · OZ-Verlag
22,99 € · Order

Exclusive Knit- and Crochetcreations
Knit, Crochet, Lace, Beads and fine material combinations are trendy. This is very handy for the designs of the author. She knows how to design a variety of things, from cuffs to jackets. You can choose what model suits your very own ideas. And you can work on designs out of the chapters Morning Hours, Ruins of the Middle Age, a Dance on Roses among others. We are sure that you will have more than only one favorite. If you like romance, you will love these challenging ideas!

Tine Solheim

152 S. · OZ-Verlag
22,99 € · Order

Norway patterns in a modern way
The models of the artist are not only suitable for winter sports but also wearable in the office or a nice dinner date. The traditional patterns of the home of the artist are the basis of her third book. A pullover with acantus-edging or a blankie with different wool qualities shows imaginative designs. A real treat to try for yourself and to wear the final objects, of that we are very sure!

Jennie Atkinson

136 S. · OZ-Verlag
19,99 € · Order

Romantic Knitting Fashion
Looking closer to the knitted designs of this book makes you feel nostalgic charm. Fine knitted lace is embedded into little shirts, jackets, boleros and socks that display the fashion of the early 30s and 40s of the 19th century. Take on a knitted journey and use whatever material you fancy. Any information and instruction you need is in this book!

Patmore Haffenden

400 S. · DK Verlag
29,95 € · Order

All Knitting Techniques Step by Step
Are you looking for a big Knitting Bible for beginners or experts? We have the perfect book for you! This benchmark will wow you. You can browse through 250 techniques in word and pictures, you´ll find applications of materials, models and ideas for patterns as well as instructions how to read and interpret knitting drafts. This book will answer all of your questions!

Caprice Birker

Tierische Freunde
110 S. · OZ-Verlag
19,99 € · Bestellen

Zoo, Farm and World of Tales
Some time ago it was trendy to knit stuffed animals – this book revives this very nice activity: you can choose between elephants, pigs, lions or a zebra, or would you like to make a frog? Very great instructions help you to make a stuffed animal successfully and soon you will be able to give one of it away for Christmas?

We hope you enjoy choosing one or more books of our suggestions! If you are hoping for sewing or quilting book suggestions, you can look forward to our next newsletter that will suit exactly these wishes!
We hope you are having a great Advent and you still enjoy our current issue of the FUN!

Yours sincerely, FUN-Team


Books for the Holiday Season



176 S.
14,95 €

Nostalgic Point of Views
Are you looking for options to create real personal presents for Christmas? This book offers you a whole range of possibilities from floral to classic designs. The british designer shows you how to spice up simply anything. Special instructions and great techniques help you to create extraordinary eye-catchers. You will love the variety of models and ideas that will help you find the best presents for this years Christmas.



62 S.
14,99 €

Christmas is Coming
Start creating decorations for this years Holiday Season. Detailed instructions help you to crochet and sew wonderful Advent wreaths, cushions, cuffs, bags and more. The creations are also suitable for the ones among us that do not have too much spare time to be creative, which is wonderful! You will be able to get into the Christmas spirit in no time with this book!


64 S.
16,90 €

Dwarf Empire and Lucky Devils
Knitting, sewing and felting are represented in this lovely book. Inspired by Swedish art you will find wonderful ideas that work around the world of dwarfs and fly agarics. The colors red and white are the priority of the content which creates a harmonic and homy feeling. Choose your personal lucky charm be it a pillow, a all hanging or felted heart. We are certain you will be able to find a suitable present here also!


DIY Möbel
144 S.
24,90 €

Personalized Interior Design
Do it yourself is a slogan that we read and hear everywhere in times of sustainability. This book presents you 30 crazy objects that show you what one can create with a diversity of materials. The furnitures have really great constructions! You will love these inspirational kind of art – let´s see what you would like to try to make for yourself!

Debbie Bliss

Geschenke stricken
160 S.
19,99 €

Lots of Ideas for Knitted Presents
The designer and author of this book Debbie Bliss shows you a variety of ideas for lovely presents. You will find something for everybody in this book, for children, for women, for men or even pets. You will make a special person very happy with these ideas. With lovely designed inspirations and well made instructions you will enjoy the hours until Christmas.


Poesie der
kleinen Dinge

144 S.
22,90 €

Textile Poetry
You will get to see a wonderful collection of accessories in this book. Lovely designed creations that are thought through into the tiniest details will wow you. It is a magical possibility to create textile art. Your love for traditional handicrafts will turn into real art. Create special personalized uniques for yourself or that special someone in your life.

Menze und Menze-Stöter


160 S.
26,90 €

Magical Christmas Miracles
You will find a magical collection of interior textiles and accessories in this book. Ideas for sewing and stitching your very own winter wonderland. You will find ideas to decorate your home for the Christmas Season or find inspiration for lovely Christmas presents. A books with lots of pictures to give you lovely inspirations for many winterly months.


Tea Party

128 S.
18,90 €

Nostalgia and Traditions
In this book you will find the opportunity to revive lovely traditions and recipes that do not only suit the winterly time. This book offers you a variety of scones, sandwiches and other traditional servings for tea parties. If you happen to have a collection of traditional bone china you will be able to complete the traditional picture but its not a must have for enjoying these lovely creations. Mouthwatering times are ahead of you!


Die Kunst der
feinen Fäden

160 S.
26,90 €

Artistic Handicrafts
Fine creations will enchant you with the first glance onto the first lovely pages of the book. You will be able to dive into a world of beautiful textile creations. A diversity of techniques will guarantee you lots of fun during the making. The instructions are very easy to follow. Simply choose your favorite and start working in a cosy winter atmosphere.



Judith Mundwiler Galeriebuch


192 S.
22,00 €

Textile Art with waste Materials
Judith Mundwiler searches her textile way to express herself in small-sized, detailed and grid-like objects. Powerful, moving and personally important issues and themes she expresses in large formats. For that she chooses fabrics, which she prints on, labels, laminates, melts or frays before she combines them to multilayered and translucent tapes by machine or hand embroidery. A multitude of such tapes she then layers on top or next to each other. By that she manages to imply an effect of depth without losing the lightness or transparency. This is of particular importance because she also included soul-stirring and sad themes in her latest works.



144 S.
24,95 €

Classic Movies Knitted
Famous classic movies inspired the well-known Kim Hargreaves for her new book. Browsing through the pages you will go on a journey through time. You will be able to see things that you have seen before but in a different context and you will also get the feeling of »I want to have this«. Ageless knitted creations invite you all to try it for yourself!


knit sock love
176 S.
22,00 €

Extraordinary Socks
Knitting socks is very famous among knitting artists. Especially of interest are the fine patterns by the artist Cookie A. that you will find in this book. The patterns of these 23 models are especially interesting for knitting experts. A fine variety of different techniques is displayed in this book and we are sure that you will love it! Take on this challenge and we are certain that you won´t stop after only one pair of socks.


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