textil : textur – textile : texture | Heide Stoll-Weber

The gallery book »textile : texture« offers an insight into the full spectrum of Heide Stoll-Weber’s work. Her textile art is based on her hand-dyed fabrics and their complex one of a kind colours, some tone on tone, some resembling watercolour, or others multicoloured, vivid variations. They are the result of an interaction between the artist’s technical dyeing expertise and her distinctive colour sense.
Her series »Spirituals« combines particularly remarkable pieces of fabric, to achieve a rigorously reduced composition. Delicate handstitching covering the entire surface of the layered textile work, creates a visually distinguishable and, at the same time, tactile texture. Detailed photographs in the book show the surprising contrasts between the fabric hues and the variegated hand dyed embroidery thread.

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Carefully chosen colour combinations and sophisticated shapes are the basic elements of her »Shapes and Lines« series. A few precisely positioned lines subdivide a square or rectangular space into complex shapes. The works in this series are densely covered with machine stitched lines, defined by the outlines of the respective shapes. The resulting surface texture becomes a decisive graphic element that transforms even the reverse side of the piece into a work of art. Depending on the incidence of light, a delicate relief emerges and induces a desire to touch the surface. From a distance, the texture becomes secondary and provides space to view the composition.
The photographer's precise observations allow the reader a keyhole peek into the farbSTOFF dye studio. In addition to that, the photos let you look over the artist's shoulder when transferring her ideas into sketches and drafts, and while stitching the characteristic textures on the layered textiles. Thus the book grants an insight into the artist's technical work processes and, at the same time, becomes a detailed presentation of Heide Stoll-Weber's artwork over the last decade.