verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 39
Summer 2013

The summer issue of the FUN 2013 is filled with diverse felt creations that show us how many possibilities and options we have to create something wonderful with wool fibers. Playful is the working process by Ulrike Kissel who felts dwarfish creatures in a small space. A true joy for every beholder no matter how old they are!
Atsuko Sasaki invites you to smile with her accessories. Made for the daily use and of high quality are her colorful bags, shoes, scarfs, jewelry, vases and more.
With intensive experiments and research Brita Stein found what colors are possible to make with plant dyeing. And this became her personal signature. Accurately fitting fashion and accessories with a feminine side are her trade mark.
Lisa Klakulak is always striving for the perfect fit within her creations, using the finest techniques possible. She is looking back on her career as a worldwide known artist with the label »strongfelt«. Free stitching with hand or machine are her favorites for designing the surfaces of her creations. Lisa Klakulak manages to fabricate elegant and vital creations with harmonic colors.
A high standard of quality is essential for Regina Doseth. Her fashion displays fresh colors and elaborate details that we get to admire with her own tuft felt technique. Her accessories like bags, jewelry or hats are real eye-catchers that make any outfit into something very special.
From the label »B.Felt« we get to know Barbara Poole. The award-winning artist gets inspired by famous painters like Frida Kahlo or Gustav Klimt. She herself came from painting to felt making, now wool is her artistic medium to design her trendy creations.
Luitgard Möschle has committed herself to fabrics. She uses techniques like painting, stamping, dyeing and free embroidery for her wall-hangings and pictures.
Martina Unterharnscheidt has a thing for textile art. She offers room for exhibitions in her textil.ART.galerie to various artists. Also she works in her personal studio on her own creations.
»Mixed media« was the theme of the workshop hosted by Sigrid Bannier and Ina Daum. They encouraged their participants to exchange knowledge and techniques about weaving, spinning, knitting, sewing, patchwork and felting. They learned from and taught each other as a team, what a great idea for a workshop!

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We tell you about the traveling exhibition »…in motion«, that everyone should get the chance to visit.
Felt, paintings in keeping with music was the experience of Joke van Zinderen when she attended an exhibition in the Netherlands with her Shibori-dyed felt-broochs.
The association »Feutre Art Textile« is present with exhibitions for example at the Louvre and other events. We get to see the unlimited options to design and one can also participate at special events of the artists to get to know their handicraft.
Pamela MacGregor travelled to Kenya to teach the locals how to felt. With a lot of joy, ambition and fun the participants created animals, flowers and more.
At the creative fair »Creativa« in Dortmund, Germany some textile students from University Paderborn and University Osnabrück displayed how vital and colorful it is to study textile arts. The summer issue of the FUN offers an insight into the work of these Universities.
The artist Inga Dünkelberg-Niemann made a great and exclusive instruction to make a floral and exceptional summer decoration: a water lily bowl.
The section »sheep« tells us something about Catrin Porsiel and her love to Gotland sheep. She makes lovely scarfs and other things out of this special wool.
In our readers gallery we display creations to the theme »Summer Fantasies«. In our book review section you will be introduced to new literature about felt making.


Table of Contents


  • Mona Lisa
  • Joke van Zinderen
  • … in Bewegung

Tips and Tricks

  • Tools


  • 18. Felters Meeting


  • Mixed Media


  • Backus on Gotland


  • Regina Doseth
  • Lisa Klakulak
  • Atsuko Sasaki
  • Brita Stein
  • Barbara Poole
  • Ulrike Kissel
  • Feutre Art Textile
  • Luitgard Möschle
  • textil.ART.galerie


  • University Osnabrück
  • University Paderborn

Felting Journey

  • Pamela MacGregor in Kenia


  • Water lily shell

Readers Gallery

  • Summer


  • New Books
  • Forecast


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