verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 43
Summer 2014

The Summer Issue offers a colorful range of exciting information, refreshing ideas, and beautiful, admirable creations from the felters scene. Transfers into the equally exciting world of textile art prove how versatile and fruitful an exchange can be like between the two. The cover is graced by a fantastic reversible vest made by Ariane Mariane Sroka. Ariane is a felt artist with a very unique and playful signature, she unifies art and function and transfers happiness and a good mood with her creations.
Artful surfaces and perfect shapes of tridimensional vessels are the creations by Maria Friese. By the way, there are many points of contact between Ariane and Maria: Both live in France, both developed their personality and broadened their horizons with felting.
The reduced shape language by Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer is the hallmark of her creations. She designs garments that are being transformed by the wearer; with each movement the shape changes.
Chrissie Day loves colors and textures, the embroidery and felt artist experiments with dyeing and print techniques and she prefers to work with the wool of the sheep that live next door.
Marianne Wurst loves to experiment also, she is fascinated by the options of the material wool. Even after 30 years of working with textile art she is still amazed by the results of her creative processes.
Archaic symbols and ornaments are common in the designs of Mechtildis Köder. It is not only a decorative aspect for her; she implements the knowledge and meaning of these very old symbols into her works.
At Werenzhain artists of different arts find a place of inspiration and room for development. A landmarked farmstead became a temporary studio and in the summer times it became a place of fascinating encounters at the felt symposium of several weeks.

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Charity van der Meer is well known for her unique and magical garments. Born in Zambia, Charity conducted a felt-workshop for women in South Africa.
Sustainability is still a big topic. The fashion by Christine Mayer and her lable MAYER. Peace Collection from Berlin takes it even further, she combines upcycling with social responsibility and holistic awareness.
Our workshop report takes us to Cyprus, Vilte Kazlauskaite and Irit Dulman held a workshop that produced beautiful jewels.
Contrary but not less interesting are two exhibitions that we report about: Claudia Müller displayed unique and versatile art in Dresden; Heike Reul displayed garments of the Seven Deadly Sins.
Who ever wondered what the term “Production Animal Ark” means, will be satisfied by the article about the Ark Stocksee in Northern Germany in our section »Sheep«.
Apricot Tartlets – a pure Summer feeling. Kate Bernard writes a blog with the name »Minifilz«. Kate´s instruction helps us felt Apricot Tartlets and she even included a recipe to bake them too.


Table of Contents


  • From the Felt and Textile Scene


  • White Walls for Young Art
  • Seven Deadly Sins


  • Felted Garments and Ecoprint in Cyprus


  • Textile Interrelationships

Tips & Tricks

  • How to Take Great Photos of Objects

Readers Gallery

  • Summer


  • Marianne Wurst
  • Chrissie Day
  • Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer
  • Ariane Mariane Sroka
  • Maria Friese
  • Mechtildis Köder
  • Atelierhof Werenzhain


  • Final Exam Felted Memories


  • Felting in South Africa
  • Textile Outdoor Award


  • MAYER. Peace Collection


  • Production Animal Ark Stocksee


  • Sweet Apricot Tartlets


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