filzfun: Issue 52
autumn 2016

We cannot deny it any longer: the days are getting shorter, the weeks with barbeques or beer garden visits are over; but at the same time we gain more time to be creative. Inspiration can be found in the autumn issue of the filzfun.
First and foremost we would like to thank everybody who took the time to fill out our readers questionnaire online and via mail. We were very curious how you would rate the filzfun, what topics you would like to read about and how you like the design of the magazine. Your positive feedback makes us very happy. It motivates us to follow our path and to design the magazine with your wishes and needs in mind. The most important results can be found in this autumn issue.
Apart from that, our magazine is pretty animalistic: on the cover is a boygroup of three cool dogs, inside we introduce you to the »Heartfelt Dogs« by felt artist Von Allen.
The aesthetic shapes of snails, shells or fishes inspire Katrin Kümmel to create her extraordinary bags made of knit felt. In the forest in Much in Bergisch Gladbach in Germany you can see felted animals or crocheted ones in the Textile Art Trail II, initiated by Silke Bosbach.
Animals also had a big part in the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Dutch Felt Association VKG: Each regional union contributed a »Feestbeest«. The results were impressive creations like a glorious peacock or a fantasy animal, which seemed to come directly out of a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.
Of course we also have many more interesting topics for you. We look into the felters’ meeting in the border triangle and into the market trade fair about sheep and wool in Kirchberg. We invite you to have a look into the chambre separée by Ricarda Aßmann, which is fully equipped with felted interior and we present the artwork »Panta Rhei«, which was a contribution by five

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artists from Baden-Württemberg to the contest »Filz in Bewegung« (Felt in Movement) of the Felt Network beteiligt. You have the chance to see the exhibition »Alles Filz oder was?« (All Felt or What?) for four more months (until December) at Castle Nideggen. The exhibition presents several centuries of felt history, from medieval bonnets to modern felt portraits. A preview can be found in this filzfun.
We also present artistic works by Heidi Drahota, Annette Kupfer, and Margret Riedl. Heidi Greb and Elisabeth Schiemer eport about exciting felt trips to Lake Baikal and to Mongolia.
In workshops and courses many felters learn new techniques and exchange experiences. We report about Ricarda Aßmann’s workshop about how to structure felt differently and about a seminar on dyeing wool and silk by Beate Bossert. Many interesting workshops over the next months in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy can be found in our supplement.
If you fancy being creative after all the reading indulgence, you may try the instructions by Christiane Schmitt and make a shawl with wool étamine and the use of thickener Synthappret.


Table of Contents


  • From the Felt and Textile World
  • Results Reader’s Questionnaire


  • Felters Meeting Border Triangle
  • Anniversary Dutch Felters Association
  • Sheep Festival Kirchberg
  • Textile Art Trail


  • Castle Nideggen
  • Chambre Separée
  • Panta Rhei


  • Surface Design
  • Dyeing Wool
  • Further Education Wechselwolle

Readers Gallery

  • Autumn Glow


  • Von Allen
  • Heidi Drahota
  • Annette Kupfer
  • Margret Riedl
  • Anita Köstler


  • Felting with Refugees

Felt Journey

  • Lake Baikal
  • Mongolia


  • Felting with Synthappret


  • Book Recommendations

Up to Date

  • Preview


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