About dyeing with natural colors | by Sarah Käsmayr

Writing book reviews you normally do not get to meet the authors themselves. That I would sit for about 3 hours in the living room of the authors couple to chat with them was not planned but illustrates how meaningful it is to meet theses two! They reported full of excitement about their adventures and research in the Orient.
A friend of mine suggested their book »Kökboya« to me, she told me that she had read the entire book even though she was not planning to dye with natural colors any time soon. The book is a master piece!
The book displays pure passion for natural colors and the ambition of the authors, to not only write about recipes and plants but to include extended chapters on colors, textile fibers, textile techniques and so on.
In the next issue of the FUN you will have the chance to read a full review on this wonderful book. We are absolutely fascinated by the 300 pages in the book. We think the book is great for anyone who loves textiles or the tradition of dyeing with natural colors.
You can order the book »Kökboya« in our Shop online. The married authors have published the book in their own publishing house, we will collect your orders, pick up the books at Harald Böhmers office and deliver them to you.


Harald Böhmer
Kökboya – Natural Dyes and Textiles
A Colour Journey From Turkey to India and Beyond
Hardcover · English
129,– Euro (D) · Available at the FUN-Shop


Koekboya H Boehmer
Shepherd in Turkey with a felted coat, Picture from the book, Chapter Textilarten, Page 69



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