Release Dates

The verFilzt Und zugeNäht comes up forth time a year: Spring issue: 1.3.2016 Summer issue: 31.5.2016 Autumn issue: 30.8.2016 Winter issue: 23.11.2016

posted on 20.01.12

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Closing dates for advertisements Spring issue: January 15th Summer issue: April 15th Autumn issue: July 15th Winter issue: October 15th

posted on 30.03.11

How FUN Came to Life

When the scene of felters grew in the 1980ies more and more workshops, relevant literature and conventions came up in Germany as well. The popularity felt gained in the textile field made it a logical consequence to create a special interest magazine. The first issue came up in 1999 when the 4th international felters’ gathering took place. Its name was …
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posted on 28.03.11