Current Issue: 69 · Winter 2020/2021

Catherine O’Leary: New Needle-Fleece Techniques Margot Krug: Felt is Her Element Dogs in Portraits: Hanna Tsukanova Felts Animal Images Inclusion: Being Together in Full Felted Bloom Instruction: Notebook Cover in Resist Technique

posted on 19.11.20 | posted on 19.11.20

filzfun: Issue 68 autumn 2020

You will get to know three artistic personalities from three continents in this filzfun issue: Annette Quentin-Stoll, one of the best-known German feltmakers and the author of several gallery books tells us about her life without homepage and TV, yet with a lot of quality features instead. Sayaka Ono from Japan makes astounding sculptures from white wool but also extravagant …
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posted on 24.08.20 | posted on 24.08.20