filzfun: Issue 63 summer 2019
will be published on May 29, 2019

The Fat Ladies made by Tanja Kahl look forward to the summer the whole rest of the year, since only then the voluptuous felt beauties can show off their fashionable bathing suits and bikinis. How she found the way to her trademark and how the Fat Ladies are wet-felted the artist from the Odenwald tells us in the filzfun. US …
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posted on 14.05.19 | posted on 14.05.19

filzfun: Issue 60 autumn 2018

Felting is pure magic: Through movement alone, loose wool fibers turn into a firm texture that can be brought into any desired form and used in many more different ways than any other material, – for witches’ and wizards’ headgear, for instance. The cover of the filzfun fall issue shows such a hat with mushroom gills made by Kathrine J. …
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posted on 22.08.18 | posted on 22.08.18