verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 33
Winter 2011

This issue offers a curiousity: A man in the felters’ scene! We’re talking about the American designer Horst, who made the palm sander his trademark. Andrea Noeske-Porada needs structure and estimates a thorough technical basis as the prerequisites for a flexible and free working process. Doris Breuer preferred scooping inspirations while taking trips abroad before she finally settled down in Austria. Being settled, however, has nothing to do with stasis, quite contrary: The exchange and co-operation with her fellow-artisans keep her creativity alive. Fairy tales, after all, have not been carved into stone – that is what Agostina Zwilling thought and without further ado rewrote the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. Her modern version is neither in need of a bad stepmother nor a witch. With her »action week« she considerably rustled up the sleepy Italian mountain village Brentonico. If you want to try out something new we highly recommend India Flint’s book »Second Skin«, which we review. It focuses on the mak-

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ing and the essential meaning of human attire and offers many a valuable and practical advice in case you want to try to make your own clothes. It will be latest then that you’ll find yourself perfectly ready for trying out »Ecoprint«. Our instructions show you how this is done the fastest and most effective way.


Table of Contents


  • Felt in Focus
  • Charity van der Meer in Amsterdam
  • Sheep Festival in Luxembourg


  • Horst in the Netherlands


  • Degree Exhibition in the Felting School Oberrot
  • Exhibition »Pelle« and Other Events in Brentonico

Artists' Portraits

  • Thomas Horst
  • Andrea Noeske-Porada
  • Doris Breuer
  • Jakoba Harhammer
  • Barbara Müller
  • Werkstatt Bannier-Filz


  • School Project »Schlariduri«
  • Felt Education in Rosenberg


  • Armenia


  • Ecoprint


  • Die Egogamy-Collection
  • Book Review: India Flint – »Second Skin«


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