verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 36
Fall 2012

This issue is filled with outstanding felt makers:
Jackie Cardys script consists of free embroideries on hand-dyed felt combined with velvetsilk. That way she designs accessories and footwear impressively, as you can dee on the cover page of this issue. Anja Progl loves perfection. She uses her knowledge of mathematics to create sensational collars that she integrates into her felted fashion. If you happen to love the Rococo age you will be amazed by the bloomy portrait about Olga Akhmerova. Katharina Thierer loves to tell stories. She designs and makes fantastical puppets that anyone simply adores. Adrian Salomès creations are pervaded by lines of forms and colors. Also we introduce you to Sachiko Kotaka and her nuno felt. The japanese artist discovered her own love for her home country and her love for kimonos later in life. She teaches her own techniques in Australia.
The popular wool dealership Wizardwool opens up their doors to the FUN and shows where wool and tools for felting are coming from. Heike Reul´s new collection »Gewänder« is complete and is presented with a great performance. The collection is of black color with golden aspects in it, a photo session took place in a big top. You´ll see the amazing pictures in this issue of the FUN.
»Cross-Over«-workshops become more and more popular and you can attend them for example at the Landesheimvolkshochschule Hohebuch. We introduce the work of contrasts by Sigrid Bannier and Beate Binder to you that combine the materials felt and metal in extraordinary creations.
Guerillaknitting is an international occurrence at public places. We present an artist to you that wants to coin Guerillafelting. A great idea to attract attention of the public on felt making we think.
Irmgard Moldaschl unifies poetry and textile art skillfully. Words played a major role at the graduation-exhibition at Ballenberg (Suisse). All of the graduation works did evolve from poetic inspiration and represent the personal view of the artist on the poem.
Many children who attend at Ina Daums´s experience felt courses start the dream about becoming a felt maker. We present her approach and her ideas on how to felt with children at school.

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Sustainability in clothes that have personal characteristics are the speciality of Agostina Zwilling it is her profession to teach at the Italian Felt Academy. That way many personal and unique creations have developed that become a companion of life. Perfection of the implementation is absolutely necessary for her as well as a great quality. The aspect of sustainability - pervades through her workshops and is transcribed for example by recycling objects and material.
Felt makers love great tools and value ideas of using strange objects as handy instruments. We have a new category that introduces tips and tricks for you. A real revolution of the mechanical felt needle is promised by the inventor of the »addiQuick«-felt-machine, which is introduced to our FUN readers with a practical instruction. We have another instruction for you out of the new release »Maschenglück« by the publishing house Verlag Freies Geistesleben. Angelika Wolk-Gerche is quite popular within the felters scene and her ideas have spread widely so far -- probably her ideas that are published in this issue will travel far also..
You will find more reviews and the preview of dates at the end of this autumn issue as usual. We are very happy about the first entries of pictures for our readers gallery. For the upcoming issue we would like to print a picture of your own creations, please email us at


Table of Contents


  • Guerillafelt
  • Modeperformance Heike Reul


  • Felt and Steel


  • Text and Textile
  • Feltinspiration by poetry

Artists Portraits

  • Sachiko Kotaka
  • Olga Akhmerova
  • Anja Progl
  • Jacki Cardy
  • Katharina Thierer
  • Adrian Salomé
  • Enterprise Wizardwool


  • When I grow up … · Ina Daum
  • Handcraft with Soul · Beate Hufeisen

Tips and Tricks

  • Handy tools for Felting


  • The Dress of Your Soul
  • Break a new ground

Readers Gallery

  • Insights


  • Gunillas Wool Revolution


  • Toni Steinbeisser · J. von der Fecht


  • Book reviews
  • Preview
  • Courses


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