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Did you already see the textile gallerybooks of MaroVerlag? You find these books in our online shop, in addition to the FUN issues.

textil : textur – textile : texture | Heide Stoll-Weber

192 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE/EN/FR · 978–3–87512–763–8

The gallery book »textile : texture« offers an insight into the full spectrum of Heide Stoll-Weber’s work. Her textile art is based on her hand-dyed fabrics and their complex one of a kind colours, some tone on tone, some resembling watercolour, or others multicoloured, vivid variations. They are the result of an interaction between the artist’s technical dyeing expertise and her distinctive colour sense.
Her series »Spirituals« combines particularly remarkable pieces of fabric, to achieve a rigorously reduced composition. Delicate handstitching covering the entire surface of the layered textile work, creates a visually distinguishable and, at the same time, tactile texture. Detailed photographs in the book show the surprising contrasts between the fabric hues and the variegated hand dyed embroidery thread.

Carefully chosen colour combinations and sophisticated shapes are the basic elements of her »Shapes and Lines« series. A few precisely positioned lines subdivide a square or rectangular space into complex shapes. The works in this series are densely covered with machine stitched lines, defined by the outlines of the respective shapes. The resulting surface texture becomes a decisive graphic element that transforms even the reverse side of the piece into a work of art. Depending on the incidence of light, a delicate relief emerges and induces a desire to touch the surface. From a distance, the texture becomes secondary and provides space to view the composition. The photographer's precise observations allow the reader a keyhole peek into the farbSTOFF dye studio. In addition to that, the photos let you look over the artist's shoulder when transferring her ideas into sketches and drafts, and while stitching the characteristic textures on the layered textiles. Thus the book grants an insight into the artist's technical work processes and, at the same time, becomes a detailed presentation of Heide Stoll-Weber's artwork over the last decade.  more

PassionFilz | Textil-link
German version

192 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE/EN · ISBN: 9789081847667

Following the enthusiastic reception of the earlier publication »Filzen ist für mich …« in which felt artists from the Netherlands and Belgium displayed their most beautiful work, now follows an inspiring sequel: PassionFilz.
This time, artists living or born in German-speaking countries display their most recent, high-level works of felt art and briefly explain their passion for felt.
»PassionFilz« is a collaboration between: Ellen Bakker and Ricarda Aßmann.

An image of each participant is presented, along with a web address or e-mail address, to make it easier to find more information about them and their work. With over 750 coloured photographs, the book offers a feast in in colours, shapes and inspiration. Objects, clothing, wall tapestries, interiors, figures and much more; the applications of felt are endless. Because there are no boundaries to felting!  more

Ich nehme einen Faden … | Gerlinde Merl

144 Pages · Hardcover · ISBN: 978-3-87512-760-7

Going for a walk with a thread – the Gallery Book by textile artist Gerlinde Merl invites the readers to a diversified walk through her versatile art creations. She also provides all textile lovers with great instruction manuals that inspire to get into a creative spirit.
»I transfer colors into surface design, and my imaginations as well as my dreams into pictures«, says Gerlinde about her textile creations. Her work is characterized by rich coloring of self-dyed fabrics and unique surface structures.

Gerlinde develops special techniques or modifies old techniques into modern versions. Not only does she sew, she also weaves, folds, felts, balls and so on.
The Austrian artist lives her art in the daily routine too; at the »Spiralwalk« in the snow, as a fashion designer of her own clothes or as a »landscape architect« when she wraps tree trunks in nature.  more

FilzGeschichten | Annette Quentin-Stoll

192 Pages · Hardcover · ISBN: 978-3-87512-760-7

Spring, Summer, Harvest and Winter: the new book by Anette Quentin-Stoll is in order of the 4 seasons. She introduces the reader to her textile works, and offers instructions to try for the readers.


An Advent Calendar with 24 star-shaped objects closes the winter chapter. With her felt stories the author engages with ornaments, surface work with models, felt and embroidery, and she engages with her felted imitations of the real nature.  more

Textile Kostbarkeiten – textile treasures | Judith Mundwiler

202 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE/EN · ISBN: 978-3-87512-759-1

Judith Mundwiler mainly uses waste materials, which most probably would have been dumped unnoticed. She gives them a new purpose in connection with textiles by using tea bags, praline tin foil, old books’ pages and rusty wires, but also natural materials such as

grasses, blooms and seeds, which she then combines with korean silk and other, mainly transparent, textiles.  more

Gesichter – Faces | Sara Lechner

144 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE/EN · ISBN: 978-3-87512-752-2

»Faces are the places from where the world outside begins to talk to the world within. They are the gates to the subconscious and the realm of the fairy tale. Each story starts in a face.«
The gallery book »Gesichter – Faces«

shows objects of extraordinary variety of the internationally renowned textile artist Sara Lechner.  more

Fäden verbinden · threads unite | Pascale Goldenberg

120 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE / EN · ISBN 978-3-87512-754-6

This gallery book is a visual interim report of the successful embroidery project in Laghmani, Afghanistan. The project allows Afghan embroiderers to pursue a career based on a craft they learned decades ago.

The Goal is not only to ensure regular wages for the women, but also to encourage their self-confidence.  more

An-Gewand-t – felted | Inge Bauer

192 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE / EN · ISBN 978-3-87512-757-7

»Felt is a tactile adventure – come on in and have a good time!« This colourful gallery book brings it to the point: Felt is putting you in a good mood! Inge Bauer presents her works in a charming picture gallery, where not

only her felted works take center stage but the atmosphere as well.  more

Filz Spiel – the felted play | Annette Quentin-Stoll

108 pages, hardcover, thread stitching · DE / EN · ISBN 978-3-87512-751-5

Flexible tails which grow from hats, felted fashion for mothers-to-be, animalfashion- accessoires and magical dresses: The gallery book of the artist Annette Quentin-Stoll lures the reader

into a world of colourful variety and infinite fantasy.  more