filzfun: Issue 80, autumn 2023
Published on August 31

Brightly-colored felted images, enchanting bracelets or stylish vessels – within this product range, felt artists like to combine feltmaking with decorative embroidery. The interdisciplinary artist Elena Kuki, for instance, uses hand and machine embroidery mainly as an ornament in accessories or clothing. Margot Krug is an expert on felted structural images. Many of her expressive images are embroidered with colorful …
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posted on 25.08.23

filzfun: Issue 79, summer 2023
Published on May 31

The felt art we present in this summer issue is as colorful and multifaceted as life itself. Tanja Gawin, a Melbourne artist, is well-known for her brightly colored, humorous objects – be it a flashy tea cozy, shining sculptures or gaudy shoulder bags. Inspired by Ireland’s rich nature, Astrid Tomrop-Hofmann mostly uses luscious colors as well. Dagmar Binder’s impressive art …
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posted on 14.05.23

filzfun: Issue 78, spring 2023
Published on February 17

Meditative, relaxing, balancing – those who love to felt know about the positive effects of felt making. In the spring issue we portray the Canadian felter Mark Bevan. The craft helped him through a difficult phase of his life. The artist Constanze Habringer-Krög talks about how she final-ly found her personal style. Charity van der Meer-Musoma, born in Zambia, presents …
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posted on 17.02.23

filzfun: Issue 77, winter 2022
Published on November 22

In the filzfun winter issue we portray the Cyprus-bound artist Natalya Brashovetska, originally from the Ukraine. Her new collection „Victory&Victory“, where she combines different materials and techniques, is dedicated to the brave Ukrainian women. In a short basic instruction she explains how metallic fibers make for fine highlights in felts. Also the artist Ilona Riehle, who spe-cializes in 3-D objects …
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posted on 18.11.22

filzfun: Issue 76, autumn 2022
Published on August 19

From felt in textile art to felt costumes at a horse show to a felt shoe for the injured hoof of a donkey, the spectrum of topics in the fall issue of filzfun ranges. We present a portrait of three felt artists and craftswomen: Bella McBride from Canada and Hendrijke Kühnapfel from the Allgäu region have brought it to perfection …
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posted on 03.11.22

filzfun: Issue 75, summer 2022
Published on May 25

A cat or an octopus as headgear? American Rae Swon creates such extravagant creations with a felting needle. She is one of the felt artists we are presenting in the summer issue of filzfun – each with her very own signature. While Rae Swon specializes in naturalistic needle-felt sculptures, Chantal Cardinal processes raw wool into impressive works of art, and …
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posted on 18.05.22

filzfun: Issue 74, spring 2022
Published on February 25

Through the filzfun spring issue runs a distinct thread – to be more precise, a colored thread. In several contributions we meet corals and other fascinating brightly colored maritime creatures. A whole “reef” from felted corals was made as a joint project initiated by the Dutch felt association ViltKontaktGroep, inspired by a crocheted sea installation by the sisters Margaret and …
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posted on 21.02.22

filzfun: Issue 73 winter 2021/2022
Published on November 29

posted on 21.11.21

filzfun: Issue 72 autumn 2021
Published on August 30

The fall issue of the filzfun provides portraits of exceptional felt artists and inviting instructions for experimentally inclined feltmakers. We present Natalia Ostrovskaya and her breathtaking felt fashion on brilliant photos. Exclusively for the filzfun readers the Russian artist tells us the secrets of her viscose strip technique for a gossamer-like scarf in a thorough, well-illustrated workshop. Brigitte Funk has …
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posted on 30.08.21 | posted on 30.08.21

filzfun: Issue 71 summer 2021
Published on May 28

Lively mice that frolic in a sea of wool, play Scrabble, dance around the maypole or simply felt: The Woolly Felters Roz Dace and Judy Balchin delight an ever-growing enthusiastic fan scene with cute photo stories of their felt mice, but also with felted caricatures of VIPs and impressive felt images on Instagram and Facebook every day. We are …
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posted on 12.05.21 | posted on 12.05.21