filzfun: Issue 72 autumn 2021
Published on August 30

The fall issue of the filzfun provides portraits of exceptional felt artists and inviting instructions for experimentally inclined feltmakers. We present Natalia Ostrovskaya and her breathtaking felt fashion on brilliant photos. Exclusively for the filzfun readers the Russian artist tells us the secrets of her viscose strip technique for a gossamer-like scarf in a thorough, well-illustrated workshop. Brigitte Funk has …
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filzfun: Issue 71 summer 2021
Published on May 28

Lively mice that frolic in a sea of wool, play Scrabble, dance around the maypole or simply felt: The Woolly Felters Roz Dace and Judy Balchin delight an ever-growing enthusiastic fan scene with cute photo stories of their felt mice, but also with felted caricatures of VIPs and impressive felt images on Instagram and Facebook every day. We are …
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filzfun: Issue 70 spring 2021

The romantic ensemble consisting of a dress, vest and top hat in off-white with a veil and rose décor by Erika Graf on the cover of this filzfun issue should make you happily attuned to the coming spring. Along with the Swiss felt artist we introduce you to Molly Williams from England and her expressive dance sculptures as well as …
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filzfun: Issue 69 winter 2020/2021
Published on November 27

For a long time, using commercial prefelt batches was frowned upon by many feltmakers. Now the Australian artist Catherine O’Leary shows us in a new book what breathtaking projects she created with this kind of material. We introduce the artist and her work in the winter issue of the filzfun as well as Petra Nasdal from the Niederlausitz, who works …
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filzfun: Issue 68 autumn 2020

You will get to know three artistic personalities from three continents in this filzfun issue: Annette Quentin-Stoll, one of the best-known German feltmakers and the author of several gallery books tells us about her life without homepage and TV, yet with a lot of quality features instead. Sayaka Ono from Japan makes astounding sculptures from white wool but also extravagant …
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filzfun: Issue 67 summer 2020

Felting and celebrating together, personal encounters, exchanges of experiences, workshops and a performance exhibit: The filzfun summer issue looks back upon the felt encounter of the Filz-Netzwerk in the Roggenburg monastery, themed »Masquerade«. Shortly afterwards this motto seemed almost prophetic when the Corona crisis called for a general protection of the public by wearing face masks. When courses, shows and …
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filzfun: Issue 66 spring 2020

When the first spring flowers open their blossoms and the days grow longer again it’s the ideal time for a new, noble Nunofelt scarf. In the spring filzfun we depict the making of an extravagant model with a mottled pattern and fringes in richly detailed and illustrated step-by-step instructions by Jenny Hill. The designer creates and felts exclusive felt fashion. …
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filzfun: Issue 65 winter 2019/2020

Gingerbread, butter or black-and-white cookies – all guaranteed without calories and expiration date: The artist Inga Dünkelberg-Niemann from Düsseldorf opened such a wondrous „bakery” with her students, who enjoyed the pre-festive felting hours enormously. Those who wish to join in can find many practical hints and advice in the filzfun winter issue. Also the bewitching felt mice in Beate Felten-Leidel’s …
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filzfun: Issue 64 autumn 2019

It is hard to believe: Until forty years ago the archaic handicraft feltmaking was all but forgotten in Western and Middle Europe. The Hungarian textile artist couple Mari Nagy and István Vidák played an important role that this ancient craft is now blossoming anew, also due to their meticulous research into felting traditions and the organizing of many feltmaking camps. …
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filzfun: Issue 63 summer 2019
will be published on May 29, 2019

The Fat Ladies made by Tanja Kahl look forward to the summer the whole rest of the year, since only then the voluptuous felt beauties can show off their fashionable bathing suits and bikinis. How she found the way to her trademark and how the Fat Ladies are wet-felted the artist from the Odenwald tells us in the filzfun. US …
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