filzfun: Issue 63 summer 2019
will be published on May 29, 2019

The Fat Ladies made by Tanja Kahl look forward to the summer the whole rest of the year, since only then the voluptuous felt beauties can show off their fashionable bathing suits and bikinis. How she found the way to her trademark and how the Fat Ladies are wet-felted the artist from the Odenwald tells us in the filzfun. US …
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posted on 14.05.19 | posted on 14.05.19

filzfun: Issue 62 spring 2019

Intricate structures and und eccentric costumes made by Marjolein Dallinga, heart-warming hand- and finger puppets by Katharina Thierer and worlds en miniature in a cup format as well as sturdy baskets and vessels by Maike Leja Breitlauch: The portraits of the felt artists in the spring issue of the filzfun once more demonstrate the mind-boggling range of creative possibilities that …
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posted on 27.02.19 | posted on 27.02.19

filzfun: Issue 61 winter 2018/2019

It is hard to say during which season feltmaking is more fun: Outside in the summer or inside in winter, when the days are shorter and when you can let your thoughts roam freely around the felting table. Susanne Schächter-Heil offers a strong argument in the winter filzfun to get water and soap on the spot: With the help of …
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posted on 30.11.18 | posted on 30.11.18

filzfun: Issue 60 autumn 2018

Felting is pure magic: Through movement alone, loose wool fibers turn into a firm texture that can be brought into any desired form and used in many more different ways than any other material, – for witches’ and wizards’ headgear, for instance. The cover of the filzfun fall issue shows such a hat with mushroom gills made by Kathrine J. …
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posted on 22.08.18 | posted on 22.08.18

filzfun: Issue 59 summer 2018

Felt Art is versatile! Many possible facets are shown for example during the members‘ exhibit of the Filz-Netzwerk in the filzfun summer issue. 36 artists have interpreted the motto »Gehalten & getragen (Carried & Worn)« most differently and individually. One of them is Gabriele Wehrmeyer, who masterly combines wool not only with natural but also with contrasting industrially-made materials like …
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posted on 30.05.18 | posted on 30.05.18

filzfun: Issue 58 spring 2018

Fashion and accessories, interior decorations, animals, items for daily use, but also formidable works of art, both in- and outdoors: All these can be made with wool, water and soap. There is hardly a material that can beat the versatility of wool. We present many examples for this astounding variety in the filzfun spring issue: The internationally renowned artist Gladys …
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filzfun: Issue 57 winter 2017

High quality and innovative techniques are of utmost importance to feltmakers all over the world. Due to that fact advanced education programs, workshops and courses given by internationally renowned felt artists here and abroad are much sought after – with astonishing results. In the winter issue of the filzfun we are glad to report, among other themes, from the graduation …
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posted on 28.11.17

filzfun: Issue 56
autumn 2017

Felt is international – and feltmakers are truly sophisticated. This is amply proven by the fall issue of the filzfun. The twins Sabin and Susan Imhasly, for example, have moved from the Swiss region Wallis to New Zealand and are very successful there with their label Twinfelt. Sabin Imhasly has won a renowned textile art award with her impressive mountain …
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posted on 30.08.17

filzfun: Issue 55
summer 2017

Felt can be as filigrane as a cobweb yet sturdy enough for daily use – a feature of the material that not only fascinates the artist Kira Outembetova. The Muscovite has found a unique style of her own, amongst other things she is inspired by paintings by the old masters. Ricarda Aßman warmly introduces this exciting artist in the filzfun …
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posted on 30.05.17

filzfun: Issue 54
spring 2017

Spring not only brings fresh green and the first blossoms of the year but also many enticing themes from the world of felting and textile art in the filzfun. The cover motif of the English duo Rosiepink gets you attuned to the end of winter. Spring enters your house in the form of a self-felted table runner with flowers peeping …
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