filzfun: Issue 53
winter 2016/2017

What a year it’s been! A wealth of exciting and highly interesting exhibitions, fairs, and meetings about felt and wool lies behind us: the first Members’ Exhibition and the Summer Course of Lectures of the Felt-Network, the Soul of Felt, where mostly Russian artists exhibited their creations, and the Textile Art in Berlin, to name just a few. Even people, …
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posted on 24.11.16 | posted on 24.11.16

filzfun: Issue 52
autumn 2016

We cannot deny it any longer: the days are getting shorter, the weeks with barbeques or beer garden visits are over; but at the same time we gain more time to be creative. Inspiration can be found in the autumn issue of the filzfun. First and foremost we would like to thank everybody who took the time to fill out …
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posted on 29.08.16 | posted on 29.08.16

filzfun: Issue 51
summer 2016

Summer is here and with summer comes the effortlessness, that brings us great spirit and the joy with being creative. Many beautiful, amazing and creative things of the felter’s world await you in this summer issue. Accompany us on walks through studios of imaginative felt artists, look forward to exhibitions worth seeing and read about exciting projects, workshops and classes. …
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posted on 31.05.16 | posted on 31.05.16

filzfun: Issue 50
spring 2016

It is time to celebrate: This spring issue is the 50th issue since the very first FUN. Scope, layout, and even the name changed over the years – but the filzfun is still a unique magazine in the German speaking regions that exclusively covers all the facets of felt making. The fascination for the versatile material speaks from all pages …
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posted on 24.02.16 | posted on 24.02.16

filzfun: Issue 49
winter 2015/2016

Colorful, diverse and always inspiring, that is how the creative world of felt making presents itself in our winter issue 2015/16. Passion and enthusiasm for felt, its possibilities and its joy in general were noticeable on each day at the felt festival in Berlin, which we report about. The cover moves us with a blazing red ensemble of a cap, …
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posted on 08.12.15

filzfun: Issue 48
autumn 2015

Like autumn, this issue of the filzfun is filled with a colorful variety and treasures of the ever-creative felt world. The cover is graced by a unique hat creation made by the Russian felt artist Irina Spasskaya. Her headpieces can be called real gems. With a precise laying technique she creates a wonderful fine and smooth felt, that she transforms …
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posted on 25.08.15

filzfun: Issue 47
summer 2015

The summer issue of the filzfun is filled with many beautiful, extraordinary and fascinating things of the world of felt making. Accompany us on a walk through studios of unbelievable creative felt artists, look forward to exhibitions worth seeing, and read about exciting workshops and classes. A colorful felt object by the Swiss artist Violette Amendola that one can also …
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posted on 28.05.15

filzfun: Issue 46
spring 2015

The Spring issue 2015 offers a broad insight into the colorful and diversified world of feltmaking. The cover is graced by an absolute eye-catcher: a headpiece by felt artist Jessica de Haas. Jessica has been intrigued by body decoration and ornamentation in other cultures and she implements those inspirations in her label “Funk Shui” of bold and fashionable felt accessories. …
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posted on 03.03.15

filzfun: Issue 45
winter 2014

The Winter issue of the filzfun takes you on a journey into the world of felt. Let yourself be taken to impressive studios of feltmakers, visit amazing exhibitions and read about exciting projects. It is time to meet inspiring people and their work. The cover is graced by a creation of the Dutch felt artist Truus Huijbregts. Truus has her …
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posted on 26.11.14

filzfun: Issue 44
autumn 2014

We start with a new title of the magazine into the autumn time: Our magazine is known as the «filzfun» for a long time now. Reason enough to change the title and the appearance of the cover. The content has not changed, like usual we offer a colorful variety of exciting encounters and inspiring ideas of the ever astonishing and …
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posted on 26.08.14