filzfun: Issue 59 summer 2018

Felt Art is versatile! Many possible facets are shown for example during the members‘ exhibit of the Filz-Netzwerk in the filzfun summer issue. 36 artists have interpreted the motto »Gehalten & getragen (Carried & Worn)« most differently and individually. One of them is Gabriele Wehrmeyer, who masterly combines wool not only with natural but also with contrasting industrially-made materials like steel or concrete. Her works have been successfully shown in Uruguay and in the Netherlands. In a detailed portrait the regional conservationist and felt artists tells us about her love for nature and her creative work. Gabi Bauer combines textile art and the felting craft: In her studio in Oettingen, Bavaria she manufactures high-quality felt slippers, cushions and other objects for daily use. She also is well-known for her artistic actions and event.

The lion that is serenely looking from the cover of the filzfun summer issue is a sculpture made by Kiyoshi Mino, an American master of needle-felting who is internationally sought-after as a teacher and instructor. In a portrait he tells us about his artistic development and reveals some of his tricks in a detailed step-for-step instructions for the making of a true-to-life sparrow.
One of the pioneers of the European felting scene is Mari Nagy from Hungary, who decisively contributed to the re-discovery of the felting craft over the last decades together with her lifelong partner István Vidák. At the occasion of her 70th birthday we look back on her life dedicated to felt.
The felting school Oberrot plays a crucial role regarding the high quality of the craft and its artistic implementations. For ten years the school has been offering a two- or three-year long advanced training called »Fit in Filz«. Throughout the year they also host renowned instructors – amongst others

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Judit Pócs, about whose bag course we are pleased to report in this issue.
For some years now the profession as textile designer in the crafts, branch of study felting, has been officially recognized as an apprenticeship profession. A study group of the Filz-Netzwerk is committed to promote this form of dual education. Bruno Bujack informs about the professional profile and its development.
One of the first felting craftswomen who underwent this apprenticeship is Susanne Breuling. As a journeywoman’s piece she felted a game carpet. For the filzfun-readers she shares an instruction for a wool frisbee. It flies just as well as its plastic relatives but is much more sustainable!

In the schedule attachment of the filzfun summer issue you find approx. 200 course offers and dates for markets, exhibitions and textile art journeys.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Felt Germany is Colourful


  • Art in the Convent
  • The Language of the Hands

Workshops and Education

  • Chameleon & Company
  • Unique Items from Leather and Felt
  • Felt Fitness Centre

Artists’ Portraits

  • Gabriele Wehrmeyer: Fibre Fascination
  • Mari Nagy: A Life Dedicated to Felt
  • Kioyshi Mino: Drawing in Three Dimensions
  • Gabi Bauer: Art and Crafts


  • Placemats for a Better Future
  • Serial: Sheep & Wool

Profession Profile

  • Felting as a Recognized Trade


  • Frisbee with a Raw Wool Edge (wet felted)
    Eurasian Tree Sparrow (needle felted)

Felting History

  • A Yurt for the Youngest


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