filzfun: Issue 63 summer 2019
will be published on May 29, 2019

The Fat Ladies made by Tanja Kahl look forward to the summer the whole rest of the year, since only then the voluptuous felt beauties can show off their fashionable bathing suits and bikinis. How she found the way to her trademark and how the Fat Ladies are wet-felted the artist from the Odenwald tells us in the filzfun. US textile artist Kristy Kun has developed a technique of her own to make gorgeous fantasy blossoms that remind of Chrysantemums from several pre-felt layers. She shares with our readers how the pre-felted rolls are prepared to finally blossom.
Skirts, hats, colorful fish and raw wool objects were made during the pre-courses before the felt encounter in Bad Schandau. The filzfun was present and reports on the workshops and the event titled »Filzen an der Grenze (Felting at the Border)« during which also new projects under the patronage of the Filz-Netzwerk were planned.
There was one model which was felted often and in many variations during the felt encounter in Bad Schandau: the HatCap, with folded pleats, by Annemie Koenen. Faced with such enthusiasm the Dutch artist and lecturer has agreed upon submitting a step-by-step instruction for the joy of the filzfun-readers.
Sabine Reichert-Kassube designed and felted a wedding dress complete with cuffs and head ornament – all for a truly special ceremony, since the bride said »yes« to herself in a shamanistic ritual. The felt artist keeps us on the current how this special robe project came about.
A string of interesting felt art exhibitions brings back felting to public awareness. We report on the shows by Stefanie Ehrenfried, Irene Reinhardt and Mechtildis Köder, the jubilee exhbit at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the

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Finnish felting association Filtti and on traditional textile art from Bashkortostan that was on public display in the renowned Max Berk collection in Heidelberg.
Feltmakers are, in general, great animal lovers, ample proof are the many reactions concerning our reports on felted nesting devices – but regarding moths, this love quickly turn to ashes. That is why Corinna Nitschmann shares many a valuable and detailed advice in the summer issue of the filzfun how this nuisance can be battled and kept away from your wool stock. Hot summer days, as you shall see, are the perfect time for becoming finally adamant!


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Felting at the Border
  • Workshops and Education
  • Lots of Room for Experiments


  • Huomisen Huopaa – Felt(ing) for Tomorrow
  • Felt from the Cradle to the Grave
  • Intensity and Presence
  • Art and Innovation in a Dialogue
  • The Language of Archaic Forms

Artists’ Portraits

  • Kristy Kun: Never Fading Blossoms
  • Opulent Flower Roll (Tutorial by Kristy Kun)
  • Tanja Kahl: Felted Ladies of a Certain Format
  • Christa Fischer: A Mystical Play of Colors

Sheep & Wool

  • Gotland Sheep
  • The Great Anti-Moth Campaign


  • A Truly Special Wedding Dress
  • Be a Feltmaker’s Guest
  • Courses Set for Life


  • HatCap by Annemie Koenen

Felting History

  • Wolf’s Tooth and Ram’s Horn


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