filzfun: Issue 66 spring 2020

When the first spring flowers open their blossoms and the days grow longer again it’s the ideal time for a new, noble Nunofelt scarf. In the spring filzfun we depict the making of an extravagant model with a mottled pattern and fringes in richly detailed and illustrated step-by-step instructions by Jenny Hill. The designer creates and felts exclusive felt fashion. She passes on her skills and knowledge in her new book Artisan Felting .
That felt is also highly suitable for sculpting projects is demonstrated by Mascha Schreiber in her instructions for a relief bowl with a bird and branches decoration which is effectively enhanced by metallic wax.
Lots of impressive textile art objects were on show during many exhibits and events in Europe and the US in the past months, e.g. on the Textil-Biennale in Madrid, the Viennese Filzfestwoche and the Tapestry-Triennial in Lodz, but also at the Textile Art Berlin, where Sabine Reichert-Kassube and Yvonne Zoberbier showed their communal project Stille Wasser (Quiet Waters); or at the Kunstverein Weiden that set the stage for felt art by Barbara Eichhorn, Maria Weber and Barbara Westerath.
Textile artist Yvonne le Mare and the photographer Melissa Peakman are much taken by the long curls of the Teeswater sheep. In their joint exhibit Teeswater Year – Farm, Fleece, Fashion they raise a deserved monument for old English sheep breeds in photos and seductive felt fashion.
The mysteries of a haunted world serve as an inspirational source for Koji und Kanae Goto in the making of their odd, excentric felt sculptures which they exhibit and market under the pseudonym Gotow. As unusual as their works are also their pets: The bearded dragon

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You can download the English supplement for this issue here.

Chuck, the toad Daruma and an Axolotl called Bunbun. The Japanese artist couple told the filzfun about their work and life.
The German fairytale „Rapunzel" inspired Béatrice Gründler to create a book illustrated with photos of felted figurines made by the artists Christine Burr and Kathi Dällenbach. With great imagination Béatrice Gründler fashioned a dreamlike setting from objects of everyday use like a lantern, thimbles and coffe pads for the tale’s protagonists.
News and photos from textile events here and abroad, event notes, course schedules and the gallery with art made by the filzfun readers perfect the reading pleasure.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • Flexible Structures
  • A Missed Chance
  • Delicate Fairies and Fat Ladies
  • Felt Builds Bridges
  • Metamorphosis in the Magic Room


  • A Hands-On Sculptural Experience
  • Still Waters
  • Premiere in the Café
  • A Wealth of Felt

Artists’ Portraits

  • Gotow: Specters from a Mysterious World
  • Yvonne le Mare: Seductive Felt Art
  • A Year with the Teeswater Sheep
  • Jenny Hill: Haute Couture in Nuno Felt
  • Jenny Hill: Marbled Scarf with Fringe (Tutorial)


  • Rapunzel in the Lantern Tower
  • May I Introduce a Leader: Bernadette

Sheep & Wool

  • Pomeranian Coarsewool


  • Tutorial: Sculptural Bowl

Felting Journey

  • Following the Nomad’s Trails in Kyrgyzstan

Felting History

  • India: Tschakla and Namda


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