filzfun: Issue 61 winter 2018/2019

It is hard to say during which season feltmaking is more fun: Outside in the summer or inside in winter, when the days are shorter and when you can let your thoughts roam freely around the felting table. Susanne Schächter-Heil offers a strong argument in the winter filzfun to get water and soap on the spot: With the help of many photos she describes how a nativity scene, complete with the Holy Family, shepherds and sheep can be wet-felted in the build-up technique.
Also we can look over Kinga Huszti’s shoulder when she explains how her most delicate, life-like leaves for interior decorations, such as for tables or windows, are felted. Her artistic renown, however, stems mostly from her extravagant millinery. In the filzfun winter issue you also get to know two other felt artists, Elisabeth Paul, who combines felt and photography in an astoundingly beautiful way, und Iveta Hruscova, who is a skilled designer of unusual felt fashion.
From the small village of Raach in Lower Austria, where the felt education of the wollmodus collective and the Marktfest fair around sheep, wool and wood took place, to the Eifel with the third textile art hiking path as far as the US with the Midwest Felting Symposium our journey leads to the many feltmaking and textile art events of the past months. Participants report from the felt educations of the Filz-Netzwerks in Soltau and Düsseldorf and of courses held by Kerstin Waizenegger, Sawatou Mouratidou and Ellen Bakker give you many ideas regarding new feltmaking techniques. Quite welcome in this context should be the great number of courses and workshop offered that are collected in the practical schedule attachment.

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Feltmaking is considered more and more a serious art form in the public understanding. Big exhibits like »Schaf trifft Baum« (Sheep Meets Tree) in Austria, Kontakt II in The Netherlands and many other single or communal exhibits play their part in that development. The filzfun Nr. 61 reports back from some of these events. Stephanie Metz, an artist from California, stages a very special show: At the so-called »Felting Parties« she encases huge hollow vessels that are sewn from thick industrial felt in white wool felt. Once finished, the public is encouraged to touch them, to enrich their visual impression by haptic contact.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • The Felting World is Guest in Sweden
  • Four Days in the Sign of Wool
  • Wool and Colour in Focus
  • The Language of Woo


  • Felt and Steampunk: Back to the Future

Worshops and Education

  • From Hellhound to Bird of Paradise
  • Felted Animals with a Firm Core
  • Seamless Fur Optics

Artists’ Portraits

  • Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer:
    Half Dress, Half Sculpture
  • Kathrine J. Koprowski: The Witches’ Milliner
  • Natali Shvets: From Leather to Felt
  • Yvonne Zoberbier: Tracing Femininity


  • Felt – Colours – Feeling


  • Shepherdess with Utter Conviction
  • Serial: Sheep & Wool


  • Yarn Chase in the Highlands
  • On Textile Paths Through Central Asia

Felting History

  • Shyrdaks – The Carpet Sisters


  • Mixed Material Shawl (wet felted)
  • Mini-Bust with Corset (needle felted)


  • Susan Sets Felt in Scene
  • Provincial Gem
  • Off-white Leaves of Thoughts
  • The Textile Art Hiking Path Wanders on


  • Mini-Yurt and Mixed Material
  • Mixed Double
  • Sheep Meets Tree
  • Painted with Wool
  • Anything but Slippers!

Workshops and Education

  • Cube, Ball, Reversible Jacket …
  • A Feast for Fibre Fans
  • Sitting Furs Made from Regional Wool
  • Sculptural Portraits and Finest Felt Cloths
  • My Very First Hat
  • Felting Siga Siga
  • Treasures in Colour

Focal Point

  • Felting at the Border

Artists’ Portraits

  • Kinga Huszti: Hidden Beauty
  • Elisabeth Paul: Felt Finds Photo
  • Iveta Hruscova: The Scent of Wool


  • A Comforting Sheath
  • Please Touch!
  • Have an Eye on Earth
  • Woolly Nesting Support


  • Wallis Blacknose


  • Nativity Scene

Felting History

  • Kyrgyzstan: Felt Embroideries

Felting Journey

  • White Gold and Blue Skies


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