filzfun: Issue 60 autumn 2018

Felting is pure magic: Through movement alone, loose wool fibers turn into a firm texture that can be brought into any desired form and used in many more different ways than any other material, – for witches’ and wizards’ headgear, for instance. The cover of the filzfun fall issue shows such a hat with mushroom gills made by Kathrine J. Koprowski, who specializes in magic headgear. Please find more bewitching specimen by the American artist in this issue.
Headgear of a different kind was made in courses held by Gladys Paulus in Oberrot and Vienna: huge animal masks ranging from unicorn to raven. Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer’s wearable sculptures, on the other hand, envelop the body like a cocoon or like an exoskeleton: Garments that turn the wearer herself into an object or art and subtly change with every movement. Opposed to that, Yvonne Zoberbier dedicates herself to the unclothed female body. From fine, off-white wool she makes female torsi and heads with the felting needle. They were on show during several exhibitions already, as were here ravishing mini busts with tailored corsages in various historical style. How these tiny works of art are made the Leipzig-based artist explains in richly illustrated step-by-step instructions.
Natali Shvets from the Ukraine specializes in felt garments and accessories and holds courses all over Europe. Exclusively for our filzfun readers she has designed a shawl in mixed material which can be easily re-made if you follow the detailed instructions.

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Apart from that the fall issue of the filzfun informs about important events around felt and textile art here and abroad: about the show »Steampunk verfilzt« in Buxtehude, the feltmakers‘ meeting in the border triangle, about the »sheep day« in the Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche, the international felt conference in Sweden and of the textile event in Belgium with the graduation show of the local felt academy.
Photos and texts from courses where ravishing animals were felted with Gabriele Mazaracis and seamless vests with Heidi Greb in Heike Giesbert’s studio in Essen will certainly kindle your own wishes to take part (again) in a workshop. Take your pick: In the attached schedule you can find more than 200 course dates as well as for exhibits, markets, textile events and trips.


Table of Contents


  • Out of the Felt and Textile Scene


  • The Felting World is Guest in Sweden
  • Four Days in the Sign of Wool
  • Wool and Colour in Focus
  • The Language of Woo


  • Felt and Steampunk: Back to the Future

Worshops and Education

  • From Hellhound to Bird of Paradise
  • Felted Animals with a Firm Core
  • Seamless Fur Optics

Artists’ Portraits

  • Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer: Half Dress, Half Sculpture
  • Kathrine J. Koprowski: The Witches’ Milliner
  • Natali Shvets: From Leather to Felt
  • Yvonne Zoberbier: Tracing Femininity


  • Felt – Colours – Feeling


  • Shepherdess with Utter Conviction
  • Serial: Sheep & Wool


  • Yarn Chase in the Highlands
  • On Textile Paths Through Central Asia

Felting History

  • Shyrdaks – The Carpet Sisters


  • Mixed Material Shawl (wet felted)
  • Mini-Bust with Corset (needle felted)


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