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On September 4, 2012 the new FUN issue will be published. From now on you can pre-order at the FUN-shop, the new issue will be shipped immediately after the publishing.
With this issue we review the latest events and exhibitions and take a look at the set of extraordinary artists. Sunny autumnal atmosphere arrives with the report about the combination of felt and metal and how handy and unique combined chairs are made. From the fashion world we show how diverse felt making can be. Bloomy Rococo age-like, ingenious collars, special nun techniques and enchanting embroideries inspire the fashion of the current issue.
The category sustainability is filled with two workshops of the Italian Felt Academy, that created footwear made of recycled material among other things.
We have a special instruction for the »addiQuick«, a new felt needle with engine, by Jessica von der Fecht for you. This brand new tool promises quick and perfect results.

Filzen mit der Nadel addiQuick

Cross-over possibilities of felt making with different materials or workshops at the Landesheimvolkshochschule Hohebuch as well as handy tools for felting are only some of the interesting topics of this years autumn issue.
Read the whole content of the FUN here

From Now on: Our Shop accepts PayPal!

We have been working on our online shop and can proudly say that we now ac­cept di­rect Pay­Pal Pay­ments as an of­fi­cial pay­ment meth­ode.
With this im­prove­ment we wanted to do some­thing for our FUN-readers who are liv­ing abroad and we’re hop­ing you will like it!
In our Online Shop you can buy all of the verFilzt Und zugeNäht issues and the textile gallery books.
Of course you can also pay by di­rect debit (with a ger­man bank ac­count) or in ad­vance via international bank transfer.
We are con­stantly striv­ing to make the pur­chase of the FUN as pleas­ant as pos­si­ble for you.

Feels like summer!

We are very proud to be able to announce the brand new summer issue of the FUN which will be published on June, 5 2012. You can already pre-order in our web shop and you´ll receive the new FUN directly after the publication.
The new issue is filled with new, rich topics and a colorful look that suits the summer feeling.
There are many reports of the 17th German speaking Felters Meeting. Summerlike topics e.g. the combination of gold and felt, clever backpacks, good felted shoes, decorative blossoms or power belts. There are also reports about wonderful exhibitions that also show versatile techniques with wool, cloth or thread.
Highlights of design and quality are brought to you with portraits about great artists. The summerly theme of the cover meanders through the whole issue.
The category further education shows that felt making can be the relaxing part between school lessons, but also felt making can be embellished with embroidery or it can be the main part of someones recognized occupation with the vocational training as a textile designer with the specialization in felt making.
We are very proud to tell you that the new FUN contains an exclusive instruction manual by Lene Nielsen, who is a pioneer among felt makers.
The content is here available, we are looking forward to take a fascinating felting journey to Africa with you and also introduce you to the label »anmage«.

Edition Eins
Gallery book postcards, Ed. 1
We are curious what creative tools you use regularly for your work that enrich your working process. We started an alternative buyers guide and we would like to nourish it with tips from our readers. Be inspired by the tools we introduce to you within this issue of the FUN and let us know all the tools and supplements you found at chemists, toy stores or hardware stores. Send an email with your tips to
For our next issue of the FUN in autumn 2012 we would like to start a gallery with pictures of creations by our readers.
You are planning to felt a lot during the summer? Then play your creations to the gallery and send us pictures to
Enjoy the summer! If the sun and your soapy water are getting too hot, we suggest the shade and some needle felting.

Spring is coming!

We are very excited to announce that the new spring issue of the FUN is ready, it has already been send out and should be in your mailboxes in the next couple of days at the latest! If you are lucky to be going on holidays soon, make sure to have a look at book shops at the airport or train stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from 6th of March onwards the FUN will be available there. You can also order online at our webshop have a look here!
The new FUN includes many interesting and exciting topics, we have a range of subjects and are sure we have something for every taste: felt, handcrafts, art …
Let me give you an overview of what you can await: We have a report of some very successful exhibitions and the ETN-conference in Lithuania. We introduce you to very creative artists with our portraits of Greta Narten and her fashion label »Go Banana«, Irit Dulman loves the magic of vegetable died colors, Daiva Gutparakiene gives an insight in her working habits and her secrets of creativity, Margo Duke can not think of a life without the embellisher and Monika Pioch creates lovely homes for cats.
Our cover shows a jacket made by Nadine Richter, a young fashion designer with great potential. You will get to know also how she manages to combine felt and serigraphy in the new FUN. We are certain that the wide range of topics will include something for any kind of interest in our readers, maybe the instruction about how to use the embellisher is something for you?! If you would like to get a closer look on our brand new FUN you can have a look on our homepage. There you can not only see the content but get an exclusive insight on our wonderful pictures of great art on selected pages.
There is a great highlight coming up for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
From March the 30th to April the 2nd, the 17th German-speaking Felted Art Meeting will take place in Grainau, Bavaria (Germany). The organizing team has planned a great extended weekend with the theme »between valley and hill«. We are looking forward to the variety of programs, the planned felt exhibition and the inspiring exchange of knowledge and creativity between attending artists. 
In the following days of the meeting. there will be intensive workshops. If you would like to attend feel free to contact the team, they are looking forward to hear from you.
We hope you are having a wonderful spring time with lots of new ideas and creativity!

Work by Margo Duke ©

Arbeit von Margo Duke ©
Work by Margo Duke ©
Unique work by Margo Duke, part of the verFilzt Und zugeNäht (FUN) issue #34 Photographer: © Barbara Talbott

Christmas wishes from the FUN-Team!

+++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++

Yesterday, Judith Mundwiler presented our new gallery book in her studio in Sissach, Switzerland. More than 100 visitors were enthusiastic about »Textile Treasures« – there was a couple who especially impressed the author: »They came from the deep winter region in the mountains to my studio, only in order to pick up the book and hold it in their hands hot off the press!«

If you want to put the book under the Christmas tree in time, you can order it until wednesday, 4:30 pm at Maroverlag or at this site in the shop. This is valid also for all our books and the FUN magazine for every order to a german address, of course!

We have also a Christmas present for you: A wallpaper by Doris Breuer (Photographer: Hermann Erber).
Her portrait with more photos of her art you can find in the current FUN issue.

We wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!

Your FUN team

Judith Mundwiler stellt die Neuerscheinung vor

Wallpaper verFilzt Und zugeNaeht

Christmas gift for you

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