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filzfun: Issue 73 winter 2021/2022
Published on November 29

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9.50 €

published on: 21st November of 2021

This issue of filzfun aims to provide you not only with interesting and entertaining reading material, but also with ideas for your own activities. To this end, we introduce you to Mandy Nash from Wales, who wrote a book about felting bags during the Corona restrictions. Perhaps you'll feel like making the unusual fringed scarf that Mandy Nash describes in detailed instructions, or be inspired by the action of two northern Italian felters who populated an enchanted forest with more than a hundred hand-felted figures that children were then allowed to find and take home. Also in the portrait: Margit Röhm, who has been chairwoman of the German felting network for several months. She would like to have more time to realize all her plans for her own felt art, but also for the network of professional and hobby felters.

filzfun: Issue 72 autumn 2021
Published on August 30

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9.50 €

published on: 30th August of 2021

Ingenious corsages, expressive coats and delicate scarves by Natalia Ostrovskaya in felt: We portray the Moscovite artist. In further portraits please meet Brigitte Funk, Joke van Zinderen and Trudi Janker, one of the oldest active feltmakers in Germany. Detailed step-by-step instructions show the felting of a scarf in viscose strip technique and a sculptural snail shell in Funk’s Double Resist Technique.

Apart from that we show the results of the felting challenge »Filz und Draußen« (Felting Outdoors) and report on the digital Textile Art Berlin with two online exhibits from Yvonne Zoberbier and Sawatou Mouratidou.

filzfun: Issue 71 summer 2021
Published on May 28

published on: 12th May of 2021

The Woolly Felters Roz Dace und Judy Balchin post photos in loving detail of the daily happenings of their felted mice community on Instagram and Facebook everyday. We are pleased to introduce the fun-loving sisters and their needle-felted images and figurines. The Hungarian-American artist Flóra Carlile-Kovács is much taken by the endless opportunities of the medium felt which she sets out to fathom in her work, and the German felt artist Ina Birke sets great store by perfect technique and quality. Anke Jacobi-Culemann describes in detail how the sun’s power can be

used to dye fibers and fabrics. In a step-by step instruction Dina Elmani-Zanka shows us how to make her funny crayon monsters, an ideal present or accessory for a kid’s school bag. Because in Corona times no classes can be held like before many lecturers have resorted to offering online courses for the time being. Dagmar Binder and Susanne Schächter-Heil tell us about their overall favorable experiences with digital teaching.

filzfun: Issue 70 spring 2021

published on: 22nd February of 2021

In this spring issue we present romantic felt fashion by Erika Graf, filigree sculptures by Molly Williams and minimalistically reduced felt art by Sabine Köhlert. The felto Filzwelt Soltau looks back on five years of successful project work, and the Austrian artists‘ collective wollmodus brought into being an aid project titled „Tor der Hoffnung" (Gate of Hope) that resulted in an impressive wall hanging made from dozens of felted squares. In her detailed instructions Carola Zeiger shows step-for-step

how the felted cover for a meditation cushion is made. Meike Raßbach reports on two interesting workshops held by Charlotte Sehmisch and Heidi Greb and we keep you informed about the first international feltmakers‘ meeting online with more than 260 participants worldwide, organized by Corinna Nitschmann.

filzfun: Issue 69 winter 2020/2021
Published on November 27

published on: 19th November of 2020

„Oktopus“ is the art work on the cover of the filzfun winter issue 2020/21. It is part of an exhibition by Margot Krug in Gunzenhausen. We will take you to two other inspiring shows: „Wir WOLLEn METALL“ by the artists‘ collective wollmodus in Austria and to the anniversary show of studio Meldani in Switzerland. In our portrait series you get to know several skilled artists: Catherine O’Leary from Australia, who is a master in felting with needle fleece,

Petra Nasdal from the Niederlausitz, who processes silk from her own breed of silkworms and Hanna Tsukanova from the Ukraine, who depicts dogs and cats in true to life needle-felted images. Ilona Riehle provides us with instructions for a perfect Christmas present: a felted notebook cover in a special resist technique.

filzfun: Issue 68 autumn 2020

published on: 24th August of 2020

Felt art and practical instructions are in focus of this filzfun-issue: We take you to the International Felt Art Exhibition of the Deutsche Filz-Netzwerks in Forchheim and to the show „see and notice" by Andrea Noeske-Porada in the Netherlands. In detail we portray Annette Quentin-Stoll from Gemany, the Japanese Sayaka Ono and Chris Armstrong – three artists, each with her and his own individual signature. And because due to the pandemic many opportunities to felt together in courses or workshops were cancelled, we

offer 4 instructions to work on at home: a noble reversible shawl in nuno felt technique by Elvira Altdorf, an enchanting pin cushion with a miniature landscape by Roz Dace and Judy Balchin from a new Needle Felt book, an extravagant little bag by Sayaka Ono and leads how to paint with water colors on felt by Ricarda Aßmann.

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