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filzfun: Issue 77, winter 2022
Published on November 22

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9.90 €

published on: 18th November of 2022

In the filzfun winter issue we portray the Cyprus-bound artist Natalya Brashovetska, originally from the Ukraine. Her new collection „Victory&Victory“, where she combines different materials and techniques, is dedicated to the brave Ukrainian women. In a short basic instruction she explains how metallic fibers make for fine highlights in felts. Also the artist Ilona Riehle, who spe-cializes in 3-D objects would like to nudge you with her detailed tutorial to make your own ambi-tious 3-D honeycomb vase.

filzfun: Issue 76, autumn 2022
Published on August 19

eFUN 76#fun76_k.jpg
9.90 €

published on: 03rd November of 2022

From felt in textile art to felt costumes at a horse show to a felt shoe for the injured hoof of a donkey, the spectrum of topics in the fall issue of filzfun ranges. We present a portrait of three felt artists and craftswomen: Bella McBride from Canada and Hendrijke Kühnapfel from the Allgäu region have brought it to perfection in handling the felting needle and create impressive animal sculptures - each in her very own handwriting. Austrian Claudia Wirtitsch specializes in street shoes made of felt and leather.
Several creative women have taken up the felting network's exciting challenge of felting green projects without using green wool. We report on their experiences and show the results of their experiments.

filzfun: Issue 75, summer 2022
Published on May 25

published on: 18th May of 2022

A cat or an octopus as headgear? American Rae Swon creates such extravagant creations with a felting needle. She is one of the felt artists we are presenting in the summer issue of filzfun – each with her very own signature. While Rae Swon specializes in naturalistic needle-felt sculptures, Chantal Cardinal processes raw wool into impressive works of art, and Petra C. Sommer designs and makes enchanting clothing using nunofelting techniques.
As a special extra for filzfun readers, all three artists have prepared step-by-step instructions for a felting project: a wet-felted rose as a brooch, an oversized moth in needle-felting technique as a pendant and a colorful rooster as a doorstop and decorative element for the entrance to the house.

filzfun: Issue 74, spring 2022
Published on February 25

published on: 21st February of 2022

Through the filzfun spring issue runs a distinct thread – to be more precise, a colored thread. In several contributions we meet corals and other fascinating brightly colored maritime creatures. A whole “reef” from felted corals was made as a joint project initiated by the Dutch felt association ViltKontaktGroep, inspired by a crocheted sea installation by the sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim that is currently on show in Baden-Baden.
The Dutch felt artist Saar Snoek is especially involved with the underwater wonderworld. Many of her objects are based on the overwhelming forms and colors of maritime organisms. She is much taken by the Nudibranchia, a sea slug, that she fondly calls „Nudis“: colorful sea slugs, similarly differing in shape and coloring as butterflies on land. One of them, a beautiful star sea slug, served as the model for an exceptional brooch, for which Saar Snoek is giving step-by-step instructions.
Next to Saar Snoek we are pleased to introduce two other felt artists: Anna Vidák from Ungarn, who follows in the footsteps of her famous parents Mari Nagy und István Vidák, as well as Galina Blazejewska, a born Russian who lives in Poland now. Both have found their call in life in feltmaking.

filzfun: Issue 73 winter 2021/2022
Published on November 29

published on: 21st November of 2021

This issue of filzfun aims to provide you not only with interesting and entertaining reading material, but also with ideas for your own activities. To this end, we introduce you to Mandy Nash from Wales, who wrote a book about felting bags during the Corona restrictions. Perhaps you'll feel like making the unusual fringed scarf that Mandy Nash describes in detailed instructions, or be inspired by the action of two northern Italian felters who populated an enchanted forest with more than a hundred hand-felted figures that children were then allowed to find and take home. Also in the portrait: Margit Röhm, who has been chairwoman of the German felting network for several months. She would like to have more time to realize all her plans for her own felt art, but also for the network of professional and hobby felters.

filzfun: Issue 72 autumn 2021
Published on August 30

published on: 30th August of 2021

Ingenious corsages, expressive coats and delicate scarves by Natalia Ostrovskaya in felt: We portray the Moscovite artist. In further portraits please meet Brigitte Funk, Joke van Zinderen and Trudi Janker, one of the oldest active feltmakers in Germany. Detailed step-by-step instructions show the felting of a scarf in viscose strip technique and a sculptural snail shell in Funk’s Double Resist Technique.

Apart from that we show the results of the felting challenge »Filz und Draußen« (Felting Outdoors) and report on the digital Textile Art Berlin with two online exhibits from Yvonne Zoberbier and Sawatou Mouratidou.

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