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verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 34
Spring 2012

published on: 02nd March of 2012

Our new spring issue will certainly make all felters’ hearts leap! New artists’ portraits tell you about their impressive crafts and working techniques, and we hope to provide a lot of motivation to try some of these out for yourself. The »gleanings« are concerned with the highlights of the latest felting events and courses. Directly from Paris we in-form you about the exhibition »Felted Dreams«, from the German city of Coburg you will learn about the great success of yet another show, »KUNSTimPULS«.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 33
Winter 2011

published on: 28th November of 2011

This issue offers a curiousity: A man in the felters’ scene! We’re talking about the American designer Horst, who made the palm sander his trademark. Andrea Noeske-Porada needs structure and estimates a thorough technical basis as the prerequisites for a flexible and free working process. Doris Breuer preferred scooping inspirations while taking trips abroad before she finally settled down in Austria. The exchange and co-operation with her fellow-artisans keep her creativity alive.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 32
Fall 2011

published on: 24th August of 2011

In this issue, everything is about changes. Change as camouflage is a topic, the Russian artist Tatiana Sheverda thinks about. In her design, she exhibits the »chameleon-like« human nature. A side glance on fashion’s history also shows how essential adaptation was in order not to be excluded from society.Read more about this issue in our article about the exhibition »Attraction and Shame« in Augsburg.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 31
Summer 2011

published on: 25th May of 2011

We deal with screenprinting on felt and make a visit at »manomama«, where clothes and accessories are produced organically and socially acceptable.

We report from a workshop in Argentina which was visited by eager participants from all over South America.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 30
Spring 2011

published on: 28th February of 2011

Since we consider the topic important, we discussed the problem of »copyright« in textile arts and asked renowned felters to answer questions such as: Why copy? Who does it? And what, actually, is a copy?
In our artists' portraits you read about Catrin Porsiel, Susanne Kämper, Andrea Ramsauer, Elvira Altdorf, Corinna Nitschmann, Kerstin Bennier, Fernwaerme.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 29
Winter 2010

published on: 30th December of 2010

Join us in thinking in new categories: Sustainability as a topic of global importance will be addressed from this issue on. Sara Lechner will be the first: We can share her thoughts on »production consumption« from an artist's point of view. Sustainability is also of deep concern to the felt artists Heidi Greb, Claudia Zandstra-Burkhardt and Gabriela Beeking.