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filzfun: Issue 47
summer 2015

published on: 28th May of 2015

The summer issue oft the filzfun is a real cornucopia of beautiful felt art: visits to art studios of extraordinary felt artists reveal how wool can be transformed into the greatest creations. Reviews of exhibitions worth seeing, events as well as workshops show how divers felt making can be and inspire you to new ideas. Be also inspired by rust dyeing for new felt experiments,rejoice in the transmittals of our readers gallery and get to know the French Ouessant sheep. A robust carpet made of clipped wool makes you want to make your own. Together with many more enjoyable topics and book reviews the summer issue of the fun is complete.

filzfun: Issue 46
spring 2015

published on: 03rd March of 2015

There is a lot to discover in our new Spring issue of 2015: Follow us into artist’s studios in which the medium wool is being transformed into new and admirable creations. Visit exhibitions and workshops that show how wool can develop into something completely new and be inspired to do it yourself!
Did you know that mermaids are not to be envied and flowers can be a lovelybasic material for clothes? We also cover a textile journey to Kyrgyzstan and individual hand-woven bag designs made of recycled plastic bags. We combined a colorful range of topics, with exciting reports, an instruction for the felting of a bird jewel case, and book reviews into bouquet of spring flowers.

filzfun: Issue 45
winter 2014

published on: 26th November of 2014

The Winter issue of the filzfun 2014/15 shows the versatility of felt in many exciting articles and emphasizes how inspiring it can be to cross some boarders in excess of felt. Different artists open up their studios to us and give us an insight into their distinctive and offbeat working. Reports of exhibitions and events offer you an inspiring view in the felters world. Follow a cultural exchange of needle and thread, learn about the colors of the Andes, be inspired to change some of your habits by a culture of repairing. More exciting content, book reviews and an instruction for an adorable dachshund await you in this Winter issue.

filzfun: Issue 44
autumn 2014

published on: 26th August of 2014

Colorful, exciting, creative and always amazing that’s how the felters world represents itself in this autumn issue of the FUN. It includes great fashion, «animalistic» objects and masks, subtle accessories, and touching art works made by artists from all over the world. Sustainable fashion can be glamorous is one topic, as well as a premium hiking trail with unique felt art.

Exhibition reports, events and workshop insights show how versatile felting is and inspire to new ideas. Set oution the trail of the Kurdish felt vests Ferendji and a look over the shoulder of teens that found felt to be a medium of their very own personality development. An exciting surface technique, the working on felt craters, inspires to start creating for yourself and completes this issue alongside many more exciting articles.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 43
Summer 2014

published on: 27th May of 2014

The Summer Issue of the FUN 2014 is filled with exciting insights into the diverse world of felt and textile design. The creations by amazing artists prove once again the magic that lies within wool fibers and they show us how different and unique each creation made of wool can be.
The FUN reports about exhibitions, workshops, or individual projects, and also offers a variety on inspiration for our reader´s own creative times.
There is a ‘how to’ take great photos of your objects tutorial included, as well as the beautiful transmittals in our Readers Gallery.
We take you on a journey to a great cross-over-project that brought together artists from many different textile crafts, we travel to a felt workshop in South Africa and we stop on our way to get to know the important facts of very important sheep breeds at a Production Animal Ark.
A tutorial for the creative making and baking (!) of Apricot Tartlets and many more interesting articles complete the Summer Issue.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 42
Spring 2014

published on: 04th March of 2014

The spring issue of the FUN 2014 is full of exciting insights into artist´s studios. They felt, sew with recycled fabrics and yarn, and this time we read a lot about embroidery too. The results are different and new each time. The colorful variety that develops inspires the own creative processes.
You can read also how students use wool for their innovative felt designs and you can read about the presentations of unconventional felt fashion on runways of Germany and Canada. Other topics cover the fact that felt making is good for our souls and can support us in difficult times, as well as an insight into conducting creative workshops.
The spring issue is completed with reports from exhibitions and workshops, book reviews and an instruction for a cheeky felt animal.

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