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filzfun: Issue 65 winter 2019/2020

published on: 29th November of 2019

This filzfun issue shows itself in full winter mode: Inga Dünkelberg-Niemann serves a plateful of felted Christmas cookies, the cute micefolks made by Beate Felten-Leidel celebrate an opulent Christmas in their picturesque small town and Sara Sagevik from Norway tells us about her wedding, showing a bridal attire worthy of the Snow Queen. Sandra Struck-Germann made quite a reputation for herself with her black-and-white and colorful felt portraits, but she also creates bewitching felted puppets. How to make a very simple ball puppet that even children can manage is described in this issue. Moreover we would like to present the textile artist Karen Betty Tobias and her
objects and we learn how Gabriele Hoffmann has re-arranged her life and has found a new zest for life through feltmaking. She shares instructions to felt a spacious and sturdy shopping bag with the filzfun readers. Photos and reports of exhibits that created a lot of attention offer additional inspiration: a work show of the internationally renowned artist Maria Friese, the results of the CraftArtFusion-Project „Wir WOLLEn Papier" by the Austrian artists’ collective wollmodus and the final pieces of the Fit-in-Filz graduates of the Filzschule Oberrot.

filzfun: Issue 64 autumn 2019

published on: 29th August of 2019

For 40 years Mari Nagy und István Vidák have been committed to work for the re-discovery of feltmaking in Western Europe. The couple celebrated this anniversary with a big show in Budapest, about which we report in detail in this issue. A choice of other exhibits have raised public awareness of felt art: We are pleased to show images of a show held on the island of Rügen, in Gladbeck, in Switzerland, in Belgium and in the Austrian region Wachau. Our portrait series deals with three entirely different artists: Susanne Schächter-Heil, the chair of the German Filz Netzwek (Felt Network) and a tireless ambassador in felt matters, and Annie Veldkamp from

The Netherlands. Veltkamp’s spectacular felted wall coverings are not only classy to look at but sound-insulating as well. The third fabulous artist is Bahari from Turkey who designs fabrics, felt, leather and pottery in the Ecoprint technique. Let’s not forget the practical side: Margit Röhm shows how stencils can be enlarged true to scale, and Beate Bossert instructs our readers how merrily whirling wind chimes are made.

filzfun: Issue 63 summer 2019
will be published on May 29, 2019

published on: 14th May of 2019

A beach beauty by Tanja Kahl graces the cover of the summer filzfun issue: The Fat Ladies, posing pertly in a bikini or bathing suit are the trademark of the artist from the Odenwald. Kristy Kun makes opulent blossoms out of needle-felted rolls and shares a glimpse into her technique with us. During the »Filzen an der Grenze (Felting at the Border)« event in Bad Schandau, about a hundred feltmakers met in order to work creatively together and to bring new projects under way in the Filz-Netzwerk. The filzfun was present

and reports on the pre-courses and the event in general. And because her HatCap became a big success there, Annemie Koenen tells us in a step-by-step method how to felt this attractive and comfy headgear for every season. Ina Jeromin experimented with Soluvlies for making felted paintings and passes on what she found out.

filzfun: Issue 62 spring 2019

published on: 27th February of 2019

Intricate structures and und eccentric costumes made by Marjolein Dallinga, heart-warming hand- and finger puppets by Katharina Thierer and worlds en miniature in a cup format as well as sturdy baskets and vessels by Maike Leja Breitlauch: The portraits of the

felt artists in the spring issue of the filzfun once more demonstrate the mind-boggling range of creative possibilities that felt offers.

filzfun: Issue 61 winter 2018/2019

published on: 30th November of 2018

Hats are a classical application field of feltmaking, yet hat does not equal hat: Kinga Huszti creates real works of art out of different kinds of wool, for example our cover model of our filzfun winter issue. You will find detailed and richly illustrated portraits of the Hungarian feltmaker and her works as well as of Elisabeth Paul, who combines felt and photography in a unique manner. Another portrait introduces the felt and fashion designer Iveta Hruscova from. Stephanie Metz is staging an unusual exhibit in California: Her huge felt installations can, should even be experienced haptically.

Susanne Schächter-Heil shares a step-by-step instruction how to wet-felt a nativity scene complete with angels, shepherds and sheep. Apart from that, the winter issue offers a lot of news and interesting facts from the world of textile art and feltmaking: Event reports, exhibition gleanings, shows and courses, information about the Wallis Blacknose Sheep and its wool as well as a wealth of different interesting dates and schedules for all felt enthusiasts.

filzfun: Issue 60 autumn 2018

published on: 22nd August of 2018

Magic and masks play an important part in the fall issue of the filzfun: We are pleased to present Kathrine J. Koprowski, a designer for witches‘ and wizards‘ hats. We report from the courses held by Gladys Paulus in Oberrot and Vienna, during which imaginative animal masks were made. We take you along to the most important events around felt and textile art: to a feltmakers‘ meeting in the border triangle,

to an international felting conference in Sweden, to the »Steampunk verfilzt« show in Buxtehude and the graduation exhibit of the felt academy in Belgium. Let yourself be inspired by such diverse artists as Gudrun Bartenberger-Geyer, Natali Shvets and Yvonne Zoberbier and discover over 200 courses, exhibitions, markets and trips in our enclosed schedule.

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