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filzfun: Issue 59 summer 2018

published on: 30th May of 2018

One has to look twice in order to realize that the lion on the cover of the filzfun summer issue is a felted sculpture made by Kiyoshi Mino, a master of the felt needle, whom we present in a portrait in this issue. In a step-for-step instruction for a life-like sculpture of a sparrow he tells us some tricks of his trade. Also we portray the German felt artist Gabriele Wehrmeyer, Gabi Bauer and Mari Nagy, who, together with her partner István Vidák has decisively contributed to the
European felting renaissance. Further we report from the German-speaking Felt Encounter in Detmold, the exhibit »Gehalten & getragen« (Held & Worn) of the Filz-Netzwerks in Marienmünster and we look back to ten years of advanced training offered by the Filzschule Oberrot.

filzfun: Issue 58 spring 2018

published on: 19th February of 2018

The graphic, unadorned cover motif in springlike green shades was crafted by the Hungarian felt artist Anikó Boros. We are pleased to introduce the creator of this bag with felted-in pebbles in the spring issue of the filzfun, as well as the Austrian Doris Breuer who designs extravagant felt fashion and images from wool, and Anja Schrik from the Netherlands who shares with us one of her dyeing recipes with natural materials. Helga Steegborn gives step-
by-step instructions how a lovely little fox can be needle-felted. Moreover we bring many exciting news in the fields of felting and textile art, reports from the most important events and exhibitions as well as 200 dates for courses and workshops in our time schedule attachment.

filzfun: Issue 57 winter 2017

published on: 28th November of 2017

A felt collar made by the Basque artist Kris Meraki is the cover of this year’s filzfun winter issue, in which we also would like to introduce other creative feltmakers: Nicole Maushake, who felts imaginative hunting trophies, Merja Markkula, who has turned artist after her career as a scientist, as well as Gabriele Bernards, who supports, amongst others, refugee children through her work. Additionally, you will hear from the most important exhibits
and events around the textile art scene, of interesting courses and the history of the Turkmen saddle blankets made from felt. Annette Quentin-Stoll gives instructions how to felt a sitting pad with a chessboard pattern, and Margit Röhm explains how a felted surface becomes smooth by singeing it.

filzfun: Issue 56
autumn 2017

published on: 30th August of 2017

The filzfun fall issue covers themes from the Allgäu to New Zealand: Kerstin Waizenegger explains how she makes comfy sitting furs from the raw wool of Allgäu sheep. At the other end of the world, Susan and Sabin Imhasly felt under their label Twinfelt. We are pleased to introduce you to Silke Sordyl’s enchanted world of trolls and report from important felting and textile art events here and abroad, amongst others from the Textile Art Berlin, of
Feltrosa in Nazzano at the Tiber and from the Journées Européennes du Feutre at Felletin. »Filzwalker« (»feltfuller«) Bruno Bujack writes about his work with the orbital sander, and Ricarda Aßmann met a wood turner in Hungary who makes fulling tools that are as beautiful as they are functional.

filzfun: Issue 55
summer 2017

published on: 30th May of 2017

Felt art as an inspiration for your own projects, reports from the textile art scene, tips for courses, workshops, exhibitions and other events as well as an exclusive instruction by Katrin Schulz how to felt a romantic »school cornet« for a kid’s first day at school – the summer issue of the filzfun offers again a diversified, exciting mixture of different themes around felting. We are pleased to present the breathtaking work of Kira Outembetova, we are pleased to show photos from »Sea States«, a great exhibit by Fiona Duthie and Yekaterina Mokeyeva and we are going to take you


along on Debbie Zawinski’s adventurous hike on the trail of Scottish sheep races. Our portrait gallery is dedicated this time to the felt artists Barbara Eichhorn from Franconia and Barbara Füreder from Vienna. The filzfun was present at the German-speaking felters’ meeting in Hohebuch and at the Wollefest in Leipzig and we report first-hand!

filzfun: Issue 54
spring 2017

published on: 13th March of 2017

Merry and colorful spring themes await you in the current issue of the filzfun: a.o. brightly-colored objects by the British duo Rosiepink, Terese Cato’s wool sculptures with their expressive faces and gossamer fairy wings made by Yasmin Groß. Felt a table runner whereon croci blossom in different colors with the help of our step-by-step instructions or accompany pupils from Düsseldorf on an exhibition to planet Felt together with us.
We invite you to read about interesting exhibitions, workshops und meetings of the international felting and textile art scene: about Judit Pócs‘ show in Kecskemét, Lisa Klakulak’s Strongfelt course in the Austrian Most Quarter as well as the felt symposia Kreatov on the island of Gotland und felt::feutre canada in British Columbia.

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