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verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 38
Spring 2013

published on: 05th March of 2013

The Spring issue 2013 includes varied designs in felt and textiles. One feature all these works have in common is the special feel of felt - no matter in whatever texture it is presented. Would you like to try knitting and felting and make something warming to sit on? Use the instruction that also teaches the technique of "doubleface-knitting". Felt as soulwork in combination with art can also be experienced during your holidays. The positive experiences with new tools for felting workshops is temptingto try them out. Networking of people working with felt brings the wonderful material wool to a broad public. International artists show their personal creations in exhibitions. A school project, insights into workshops and portraits of artists bring inspiration for spring and for your own experiments.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 37
Winter 2012

published on: 04th December of 2012

The winter issue of the FUN 2012 introduces you to remarkable creations of designers and artists of the felters scene. You´ll get to see breathtaking fashion and (interior) accessories. The »addiQuick« is the topic of everyone at the moment and we give you an exclusive insight into this turbo felting machine. You can read what the inventor of the »addiQuick« creates with her machine in our report about her brand »mobifilz«. Our felters yourney brings us to Namibia this time, where felt is able to create new jobs. The therapeutical acknowledgement of felt rises and we talk about felt at art classes and with workshops with patients with dementia. Exhibitions, Events and Insights into workshops underline the fact of the diversity of felt making in Germany. An instruction about a very personal gift and more complete this winter issue of the FUN.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 36
Fall 2012

published on: 04th September of 2012

The new issue opens up doors for felted creations of fashion, accessories and cushions. Artists design with their own script and perfection works made of pure wool or in combination with material foreign to the species. Sustainability sets new aspects and new demands for long-lasting clothes and footwear. At the education of children and adults, felt making has become a permanent feature. The aspect of relaxation is valued by kids and grown-ups. Fashion-performance, Guerilla-Felt and a special instruction round over the richness of this autumn issue of the FUN with its insights into the beautiful world of felt making.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 35
Summer 2012

published on: 21st May of 2012

The summer issue comes with colorful variation of many topics of felt making. Great artists opened her studios for the »verFilzt Und zugeNäht« and let us see their latest designs as for example fashion, bags and more. The FUN felting journey goes all the way to Africa, where a felting project creates felted cushions that can be bought from all over the world. A buyers guide for useful felting tools, book reviews and educational articles are some of the other highlights of this summer issue.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 34
Spring 2012

published on: 02nd March of 2012

Our new spring issue will certainly make all felters’ hearts leap! New artists’ portraits tell you about their impressive crafts and working techniques, and we hope to provide a lot of motivation to try some of these out for yourself. The »gleanings« are concerned with the highlights of the latest felting events and courses. Directly from Paris we in-form you about the exhibition »Felted Dreams«, from the German city of Coburg you will learn about the great success of yet another show, »KUNSTimPULS«.

verFilzt Und zugeNäht: Issue 33
Winter 2011

published on: 28th November of 2011

This issue offers a curiousity: A man in the felters’ scene! We’re talking about the American designer Horst, who made the palm sander his trademark. Andrea Noeske-Porada needs structure and estimates a thorough technical basis as the prerequisites for a flexible and free working process. Doris Breuer preferred scooping inspirations while taking trips abroad before she finally settled down in Austria. The exchange and co-operation with her fellow-artisans keep her creativity alive.

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