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filzfun: Issue 70 spring 2021

published on: 22nd February of 2021

In this spring issue we present romantic felt fashion by Erika Graf, filigree sculptures by Molly Williams and minimalistically reduced felt art by Sabine Köhlert. The felto Filzwelt Soltau looks back on five years of successful project work, and the Austrian artists‘ collective wollmodus brought into being an aid project titled „Tor der Hoffnung" (Gate of Hope) that resulted in an impressive wall hanging made from dozens of felted squares. In her detailed instructions Carola Zeiger shows step-for-step

how the felted cover for a meditation cushion is made. Meike Raßbach reports on two interesting workshops held by Charlotte Sehmisch and Heidi Greb and we keep you informed about the first international feltmakers‘ meeting online with more than 260 participants worldwide, organized by Corinna Nitschmann.

filzfun: Issue 69 winter 2020/2021
Published on November 27

published on: 19th November of 2020

„Oktopus“ is the art work on the cover of the filzfun winter issue 2020/21. It is part of an exhibition by Margot Krug in Gunzenhausen. We will take you to two other inspiring shows: „Wir WOLLEn METALL“ by the artists‘ collective wollmodus in Austria and to the anniversary show of studio Meldani in Switzerland. In our portrait series you get to know several skilled artists: Catherine O’Leary from Australia, who is a master in felting with needle fleece,

Petra Nasdal from the Niederlausitz, who processes silk from her own breed of silkworms and Hanna Tsukanova from the Ukraine, who depicts dogs and cats in true to life needle-felted images. Ilona Riehle provides us with instructions for a perfect Christmas present: a felted notebook cover in a special resist technique.

filzfun: Issue 68 autumn 2020

published on: 24th August of 2020

Felt art and practical instructions are in focus of this filzfun-issue: We take you to the International Felt Art Exhibition of the Deutsche Filz-Netzwerks in Forchheim and to the show „see and notice" by Andrea Noeske-Porada in the Netherlands. In detail we portray Annette Quentin-Stoll from Gemany, the Japanese Sayaka Ono and Chris Armstrong – three artists, each with her and his own individual signature. And because due to the pandemic many opportunities to felt together in courses or workshops were cancelled, we

offer 4 instructions to work on at home: a noble reversible shawl in nuno felt technique by Elvira Altdorf, an enchanting pin cushion with a miniature landscape by Roz Dace and Judy Balchin from a new Needle Felt book, an extravagant little bag by Sayaka Ono and leads how to paint with water colors on felt by Ricarda Aßmann.

filzfun: Issue 67 summer 2020

published on: 09th June of 2020

We are pleased to portray three felt art specialists whose work could not be more different in the summer issue of the filzfun: Beate Bossert, the co-founder of this magazine, who has been fathoming all possibilities regarding wool design for thirty years, Diana Nagorna, who makes exquisite felt fashion, and Yaroslava Troynich, whose enchanting animal hand puppets bewitch both the old and the young. We look back on the felt encounter of the German Filz-Netzwerk in the Roggenburg monastery, on the »Waasser« exhibit in Luxembourg and the Sheep Day in Wallis, an event that had to take

place without spectators for the first time due to the pandemic. Irene Reinhardt combines the ancient felting handicraft with modern technical equipment and und engraves texts onto felt by means of a laser cutter. And for all who want to felt their own personal dream house in the times of the Corona virus Delia Grimm shares a step-by-step instruction for tiny felted palaces of individual character.

filzfun: Issue 66 spring 2020

published on: 27th February of 2020

Felt connects people over countries and continents, a fact that becomes obvious again in the filzfun spring issue. We report on Stephanie Metz‘s Californian project InTouch, on the Textile-Biennial in Madrid, the Viennese Filzfestwoche and the Tapestry-Triennial in Lodz. As artists portraits we are pleased to introduce the Japanese couple Koji and Kanae Goto, the British feltmaker Yvonne le Mare and the American-Canadian designer Jenny Hill vor. Of course we direct your attention also to exhibitions by artists from German-speaking areas: Stille Wasser
(Quiet Waters) by Sabine Reichert-Kassube and Yvonne Zoberbier at the Textile Art Berlin, Gefilztes (Felted Things) by Meike Raßbach in Berlin as well as In Hülle und Fülle (A Great Wealth) by Barbara Eichhorn, Maria Weber and Barbara Westerath. As a special highlight we would like to share two step-by-step instructions: one for a mottled scarf with fringes by Jenny Hill, the other for a decorative relief bowl by Mascha Schreiber.

filzfun: Issue 65 winter 2019/2020

published on: 29th November of 2019

This filzfun issue shows itself in full winter mode: Inga Dünkelberg-Niemann serves a plateful of felted Christmas cookies, the cute micefolks made by Beate Felten-Leidel celebrate an opulent Christmas in their picturesque small town and Sara Sagevik from Norway tells us about her wedding, showing a bridal attire worthy of the Snow Queen. Sandra Struck-Germann made quite a reputation for herself with her black-and-white and colorful felt portraits, but she also creates bewitching felted puppets. How to make a very simple ball puppet that even children can manage is described in this issue. Moreover we would like to present the textile artist Karen Betty Tobias and her
objects and we learn how Gabriele Hoffmann has re-arranged her life and has found a new zest for life through feltmaking. She shares instructions to felt a spacious and sturdy shopping bag with the filzfun readers. Photos and reports of exhibits that created a lot of attention offer additional inspiration: a work show of the internationally renowned artist Maria Friese, the results of the CraftArtFusion-Project „Wir WOLLEn Papier" by the Austrian artists’ collective wollmodus and the final pieces of the Fit-in-Filz graduates of the Filzschule Oberrot.

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